Dear Chope, thank you for the unannounced 150% ChopePerks devaluation

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ChopePerks redemptions are back, and I am very excite.

Dear Chope

Let me start by saying that I am a huge fan of your ChopePerks program, to which I owe my voluminous voluptuous physique. I have been using it religiously since day one, and even spun your birthday wheel 2,739 times in hope of winning a super vibrator massage. 

Now with extra awesomesauce

Therefore, I was delighted to open my Chope app this morning and learn that I could once again use my Chope-Dollars. 

My exciting rewards

For you see, I had been very anxious ever since April, when all ChopePerks redemptions were suspended. I worried that when redemptions resumed, the new loyalty program would be a shadow of its former self, with devalued dining vouchers and garbage third-party acquisition offers masquerading as rewards. 

Thankfully, my fears were completely unfounded. 

New ChopeDeals redemption rates

I want to start by acknowledging how streamlined and convenient you have made the new ChopeDeals redemption options. 

As you know, prior to the circuit breaker ChopeDeals redemption rates were as follows:

ChopePerks Old Redemption Rates
C$ValueMin. Spend
400C$$10 ChopeDeals discount$20
700C$$20 ChopeDeals discount$30
1,000C$$30 ChopeDeals discount$45

This was already a massive improvement from the previous scheme, because adding a minimum spend allows me to order a wider variety of food, and limiting me to one redemption per month makes me really anticipate it. 

But you’ve outdone yourselves this time, as the new redemption scheme is even more simple and straightforward. 

Elegant and simple

I no longer need to agonize over whether it is better to save up an incremental 300C$ to redeem a $20 ChopeDeals discount instead of a $10 ChopeDeals discount. All I need to remember now is: 1,000C$= $10 ChopeDeals discount

ChopePerks New Redemption Rates
C$ValueMin. Spend
1,000C$ 400C$$10 ChopeDeals discount$20

Sure, that’s a 150% devaluation, but I think we more than earn it back in mental capacity savings. I could use all that additional cognitive power to write my new fan fic series, wherein a group of bored waifus create general drama and outlandish plotlines for their friends and neighbours. 

No, it’s a Desperate Housewives ripoff. 

Additional ChopePerks redemption options

I was also thrilled to see many new and exciting redemption options added to the ChopePerks catalogue. So what does it matter if the majority of them are simply new user acquisition promotions that I could get for free elsewhere? In this modern fast-paced world, who has the time to Google things anymore?

I mean, take this GOMO reward, for instance. By paying 3,100C$, I get the right to subscribe to a 40GB, 400 mins and 400 SMS mobile plan @ $20/month for the first 6 months. That is, as the young people say, wicked cool. 

40GB is a lot of cat videos

This saves me the trouble of visiting the GOMO website and using their HEART40 promo code to get the exact same offer for 12 months, with an extra 10GB in the first month. And all it cost me was 3,100C$!

Likewise, I was visibly aroused by the ability to redeem a 2-month BlueSG basic membership for 500C$. We all need some electric boogaloo in our lives, and I dream of the day when I’ll be able to drive from ION to Wisma on a single charge. 

Electric cars aren’t sissy if the electricity comes from manly coal

It did not matter to me at all that the same deal is available for free to SAFRA members (BSGSAF20), UOB cardholders (BSGUOB20), or just anyone who visits the PolicyPal blog (BSGXPolicyPal). They don’t get the visceral thrill of redeeming C$- too bad for them!

But Chope, you are positively spoiling me with the next reward: 250C$ for $7 off Shopee (min spend $15) for new users. 

Ronaldo would be proud

Thanks to this, I don’t need to enjoy the same offer with a CIMB card (CIMBNEW7), Citi card (CITINEW7), DBS card (DBSNEW15), HSBC card (HSBC7NEW), Maybank card (MBNEW7), Standard Chartered card (SCNEW7), UOB card (UOBNEW7), or Singtel Dash account (DASHNEW7). That’s 250C$ well spent, if you ask me!

I could go on waxing lyrical about the other great offers, such as 250C$ for $5 off a Sentosa Islander Membership (never mind that Sentosa is offering $11 off just by using the code 11OFF), but you get my point.

By compiling all these new user promotions in a single convenient place, you’re saving me untold amounts of time, which I could spend talking to my houseplants and arguing on the internet. 

It makes earning Chope$ completely worth it, and not at all a waste of time. 

Onwards and upwards!

In conclusion, I would like to thank you for your tireless efforts in continually enhancing the ChopePerks loyalty scheme. It is this, and not your dominant market position, that causes me to default to Chope whenever I book a restaurant. 

I am excited too about your plans for the future. After all, if I can go to bed one night and wake up the next morning to a host of unannounced and unexpected enhancements, why wouldn’t I continue earning Chope$, soon to be the new one world currency?

Yes Chope, you definitely heard me.

The Milelion

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Very nice


Well on bright side this must had been one of the most enjoyable article you had to write :p

Healthcare Hero


Brandon X

Their app UI is absolutely shite and slow. They need to learn from Resy or Opentable. Chope was only popular in Singapore because they had the first mover advantage, not because their app is great.


While I am not thrilled by the unannounced devaluation, I can’t suppose I can really complain too much given that these points earned are all free without any added cost on the user’s end. Yes, one can choose to boycott Chope for not appreciating their customer base (through this sneaky move), but reality is I will still use them for the convenience of making table reservations, as well as earning ‘free’ points in that process.


If we think of it – and other similar apps – as a tool for making reservations (vs calling during opening hours, waiting for someone to answer, trying to make sure they get the reservation right, etc) and not as a way to earn points, then it’s not a big deal. It’s not like anyone had to pay for the points.


Agreed, I could hardly care about this as I just use whatever system the restaurant is using on their website for reservations. And I suspect a larger pool of people are like me who don’t even create chope account or accumulate its points, much less care about what the loyalty program has to offer.


Quandoo is my default now, only go on to Chope if Quandoo doesn’t have the reservation.


Chope is only useful to purchase money off vouchers – if there are no better dining offers available elsewhere. Fullstop.


Great write up! Time to focus on Quandoo!

Jay Dub

Looks like the redemption option for KrisFlyer miles didn’t survive too. ):


Ouch! and LOL!

Cappy Hamper

I have this niggling suspicion that backend, CSOs are merely deducting C$ then signing you up for your “award” using the 3rd party promo codes.


I’m pretty sure Chope gets paid for each successful referral. So Chope gets to deduct your C$, AND get paid by the merchant.


I have been using a mix of eatigo and Chope in the past. At least Chope had miles for me to redeem previously, the restaurant discount was hardly attractive. Now, Chope needs 6-10 visits (C$100-C$175) just to earn $10, it is way inferior to eatigo. Eatigo gives $5-$10 after 1-3 visits (on top of restaurant discounts), but it has a much lower range of restaurants. I’m sure Chope’s market-leading position won’t last… perhaps at some point in the next few months, they will realise it, and bring back miles at least


You can’t devalue something by over 100%, but I suppose the hyperbolic number does get you eyeballs. This is a 60% devaluation, since C$400 only gets you $4 worth of value now compared to before when it got S10 worth of value.

not pedant

erm…you could just as well call it a 150% price increase? $10 chopedeals used to cost 400C$, now it costs 1,000C$.



there, fixed it. now you can go back to your merry life.

Raymond Wee

Wow, thanks for letting me know all the things I am missing out on Chope! 😉


gee……I thought they won’t do another stunt so soon. I have been proven wrong!


“I am very excite” – haha is the missing “d” deliberate?



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