The Green Market (TGM) reopens at Changi Airport Terminal 1 public area

The good news: Pseudo-lounge TGM has reopened in Terminal 1's public area. The bad news: It's unlikely to rejoin any lounge membership program.

When Changi Airport announced an 18-month suspension of operations at Terminal 2, one of the casualties was The Green Market, otherwise known as TGM. 

TGM, when it was at Terminal 2
TGM, when it was at Terminal 2

TGM wasn’t an airline lounge in the strictest sense of the word, but served a similar role. Access was available through various lounge membership programs, allowing travelers to enjoy a made-to-order meal when flying out of Terminal 2. The food wasn’t what you’d call gourmet, but it was certainly better than the offerings at the nearby SilverKris Lounge. 

Set meal at TGM

Best of all, TGM was part of the Arrture loyalty program, so you could earn points just by visiting (and maybe redeem them for a Plaza Premium First pass).

If you’ve been pining for TGM, here’s some good news: it’s now reopened in Terminal 1, and you don’t need to be flying to visit. 

TGM reopens at Changi Terminal 1

TGM at Terminal 1 (Photo: Steven Lim, Plaza Premium)

Last week, Changi Airport announced TGM’s reopening at Terminal 1, on the third floor dining area near the viewing mall. 

TGM is probably one of the best-kept secrets in Singapore Changi Airport serving a great mixture of JAKO (Japanese and Korean Cuisine) as well as healthy options. We introduce you a variety of JAKO dishes like Salmon Butteryaki Teishoku Set, Una-Tamago Don, Yakisoba – all with a twist.

Changi Airport website

TGM’s operating hours are from 10.30 a.m to 11.00 p.m daily, and since it’s in the public area, you don’t need a plane ticket to dine there. It appears that management is still under Plaza Premium, although the facility is currently not listed on their website. 

From the photos I’m seeing, it seems like TGM has evolved into a food court concept, with no more table service. The space is also shared with another eatery called Root98, a wellness-focused dining concept. 

TGM at Terminal 1 (Photo: Steven Lim, Plaza Premium)

Now, for those of you hoping to score a free meal through your lounge membership card, I’m sorry to disappoint. TGM is no longer listed on Priority Pass or LoungeKey. It still shows up on DragonPass, but the listing reflects its old location in Terminal 2 with a “temporarily unavailable” label affixed. 

DragonPass's TGM listing
DragonPass’s TGM listing

It’s a moot point anyway, because even if TGM were still participating, you’d need a same-day boarding pass to utilize your free visits. That’s the SOP for visits to the landside Changi Lounge too, and any other DragonPass/LoungeKey/Priority Pass lounge for that matter.


TGM at Terminal 1 (Photo: Steven Lim, Plaza Premium)
TGM at Terminal 1 (Photo: Steven Lim, Plaza Premium)

While it’s good to see TGM back in business, I suspect it won’t be returning to any lounge membership program going forward. TGM was always a strange hybrid of an airport lounge slash restaurant, and with the new concept, it looks like they’ve ditched the former altogether. 

Moreover, since TGM is now landside it’ll be trickier for passengers to visit, especially if they’re flying out of other terminals (you’ll need to budget a bit more time for immigration). Also, if you happen to be transiting through Singapore, you won’t be able to get a meal there unless you’re willing to clear immigration. I mean TGM’s nice, but it’s not clear-immigration-nice. 

So barring a future relocation back to the transit area, I think we may have had our last-ever free meal at TGM. 

Has anyone paid a visit to the new TGM yet?

(Cover photo: The Shutterwhale)

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
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Looks like it took over the premises from SORA@T1, which was disappointing compared to the T2 outlet (currently closed due to T2 renovation). Hope the food is better!


Had lunch there last week. It’s still
in soft launch mode, so don’t know
if the menu will evolve. Right now the menu has less items than when it was at T2. Prices seem slightly lower (and there’s a 20% soft launch discount). Service has some kinks which are to be expected during soft launch, but staff seem to be trying to do their best.


Good news for those who holding OCBC voyage credit card! They’re now entitled for the same complimentary access same as in T2. You don’t need to have air ticket if you’re a airport staff/airline staff.


Hi just wondering if anyone know if we hold OCBC voyage card can we still enjoy complimentary meals at TGM now?



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