KrisFlyer UOB indefinitely postpones revised Scoot privileges

KrisFlyer UOB cardholders, breathe a sigh of relief. The proposed changes to your perks won't be happening on 23 April 2024 as originally planned.

Back in March, UOB announced that it would be revising the Scoot privileges offered to KrisFlyer UOB Credit Cardholders, removing perks like a one-time booking flexibility waiver, and trading the extra baggage allowance for travel companions for complimentary standard seat selection. 

These changes were originally meant to come into effect from 19 March 2024, before getting pushed to 23 April 2024. Now, UOB has confirmed that the changes will be delayed “till further notice”. 

The revisions to privileges on Scoot for KrisFlyer UOB Credit Cardmembers will be postponed till further notice. In the meantime, cardmembers can still enjoy the current privileges on Scoot stated in the Terms and Conditions governing KrisFlyer UOB Credit Card


The way I see it, this is a win for cardholders, because they can continue to enjoy what I consider to be the most important perk of all: the booking flexibility waiver. 

What Scoot privileges are supposed to change for KrisFlyer UOB cardholders?

As a reminder, here’s the current set of privileges that KrisFlyer UOB Credit and Debit Cardholders enjoy on Scoot flights.

✈️ Scoot Privileges for KrisFlyer UOB Cards
  For Principal Cardholder For Companions
(on same booking)
Priority Check-in and Boarding
Extra 5kg Luggage Allowance
(with purchase of min. 20kg allowance)
Standard Seat Selection
One-time Booking Flexibility Waiver

And here’s the proposed changes that have now been postponed further to an as-yet unconfirmed date.

✈️ Scoot Privileges for KrisFlyer UOB Cards
  For Principal Cardholder For Companions
(on same booking)
Priority Check-in and Boarding
Extra 5kg Luggage Allowance
(with purchase of min. 20 kg allowance)
Standard Seat Selection
One-time Booking Flexibility Waiver

The good news is that the complimentary standard seat selection perk, currently valid for the principal cardholder only, will be extended to all members of the travelling party on the same booking.

That’s a positive development, because the current perk feels like a bit of a gotcha. Most people want to sit together when they fly, so if one traveller has complimentary standard seat, the other will need to purchase the seat next to him/her. If neither had the perk, they could wait for seats to be automatically assigned at check-in, where they would be seated together on a best-effort basis (so at least there’s a chance they don’t need to pay to be seated together).

The bad news is that the complimentary 5kg upsize upon purchasing at least a 20kg baggage allowance will now be restricted to the principal cardholder only. 

More importantly, the one-time booking flexibility waiver will no longer be available. That’s probably the biggest loss here, since budget carrier tickets are notoriously inflexible. If you want the flexibility to change dates or times, you’ll need to pony up some extra money by purchasing Scoot’s MultiFlex product, ranging from S$20 to S$40.

🛬 MultiFlex
  • Unlimited flight date/time changes per booking with no change fees. Top up for fare differences will apply, if any
  • Make changes as late as 4 hours before departure (except for flights that you have already checked-in for)
  • Price: From S$20 to S$40

Book via the Scoot x KrisFlyer UOB portal

Scoot x KrisFlyer UOB

As always, you’ll need to book your Scoot tickets via the dedicated Scoot x KrisFlyer UOB portal to enjoy these perks. This involves registering an account and linking your KrisFlyer UOB Credit or Debit Card.

I’ve not done an exhaustive comparison, but from what I’ve seen the prices are the same whether you book via this portal or the public website.

Perks for KrisFlyer and PPS Club members

If you’re a KrisFlyer Elite Gold or Silver, or Solitaire PPS Club or PPS Club member, you’ll still enjoy additional perks when travelling on Scoot regardless of how you book your tickets. 

✈️ Scoot Privileges for SQ Elites
  KrisFlyer Elite Gold/Silver Solitaire PPS/PPS Club
Priority Check-in and Boarding
Extra 5kg Luggage Allowance^
(with min. purchase of 20 kg allowance)
Free Standard Seat Selection*
One-time Booking Flexibility Waiver
KF Elite Gold only
SilverKris Lounge Access
Solitaire PPS Club only
^Only applies to the elite member, and not travelling companions
*Only applies to bookings made directly on the website

For further details on these benefits, refer to the dedicated guides below. 

Complete Guide: KrisFlyer Elite Silver benefits

Complete Guide: KrisFlyer Elite Gold benefits

Complete Guide: Solitaire PPS Club and PPS Club benefits


KrisFlyer UOB Credit and Debit Cardholders will continue to enjoy their current Scoot privileges for the foreseeable future, following UOB’s decision to postpone the revised perks that were originally supposed to come into effect on 23 April 2024.

This gives you extra time to enjoy the booking flexibility waiver, and for companions, the extra baggage allowance. If you have upcoming travel on Scoot, consider making your bookings soon to lock in the current set of privileges.

(HT: Suitesmile)

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
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