Solitaire PPS Club members can now visit SilverKris Lounges when flying Scoot

Solitaire PPS Club members can now access the SilverKris Lounge in Singapore (albeit T2 only) and overseas when flying on Scoot, together with a guest.

Solitaire PPS Club members may be the top rung of the Singapore Airlines elite ladder, but when it comes to flying Scoot, they’re just regular joes (some token benefits aside).

Because Scoot isn’t part of Star Alliance, there’s no extra checked bag, no priority luggage tags, and perhaps most importantly: no lounge. If you don’t have a credit card that offers lounge access, you’d better hope the airport has a comfortable place to wait. 

But not any more. Singapore Airlines has announced that Solitaire PPS Club members will now be able to visit the SilverKris Lounges in Singapore and overseas when departing on Scoot flights. 


We are pleased to share that Solitaire PPS Club members can now access the SilverKris Lounges when travelling on Scoot.

You and one(1) guest departing on the same flight, are invited to the SilverKris Lounge at Changi Airport Terminal 2. The Terminal 2 SilverKris Lounge offers quick access to and from Terminal 1 where Scoot flights will depart from, via the airport’s Skytrain* services between the D and E gates.

Click here to view the map of the directions for transfers between Changi Airport Terminals 1 and 2 within the transit area. Please note that you will need to check in for your Scoot flight at Terminal 1. You will not be able to check in for your Scoot flight at the Singapore Airlines check-in counters at Terminal 2.

Similarly, you may also access Singapore Airlines’ SilverKris Lounges located outside of Singapore (subject to operating hours) with one(1) guest departing on the same Scoot flight. Click here to view the opening hours of our SilverKris Lounges.

Thank you for your support as we work on enhancing our products and service offerings. We look forward to welcoming you on board our flights again soon.

-Singapore Airlines

Long-time veterans will remember that once upon a long time ago, Solitaire PPS Club members could visit the SilverKris Lounge regardless of what airline they were flying. This isn’t quite a restoration of those glory days, but I’m sure it’ll be much appreciated nonetheless!

Solitaire PPS Club members granted access to SilverKris Lounge on Scoot flights

Effective immediately, Solitaire PPS Club members (including supplementary cardholders) departing on Scoot flights can visit the SilverKris Lounges in Singapore and overseas, together with one guest on the same flight.

As always, access is granted to the First Class section wherever available.

Departing from Singapore

SilverKris Lounge Terminal 2

When flying out of Singapore on Scoot, Solitaire PPS Club members can only visit the SilverKris Lounge at Changi Airport Terminal 2. Departing passengers will need to check in for their Scoot flight at T1; they will not be able to use the SIA check-in counters at T2. 

Source: SIA

Once check-in formalities are completed, they will need to take the Skytrain from Transfer D to T2. The SilverKris Lounge is located on Level 3, after the North Garden. 

Escalators to lounge

Singapore Airlines has SilverKris Lounges in T2 and T3, so why only grant access to the former? Well, the ostensible reason is that T2 offers easier access to T1 (although that’s debatable; if your Scoot flight departs from a C gate the journey might be longer than it would be from T3), but what’s left unspoken is that the T3 lounge would get really crowded otherwise!

No disrespect to the T2 lounge, but it can’t hold a candle to the modern, renovated facility in T3. It’s not just aesthetics, mind you. There are functional differences between the two lounges. The T3 lounge has private shower suites, productivity pods, day-use rooms with beds, and a kitchen serving up six cooked-to-order items on a given day. T2 has none of those, and the kitchen’s cooked-to-order selection numbered just two items the last time I visited. 

SilverKris Lounge Terminal 2
SilverKris Lounge Terminal 3

I might come to the airport early to enjoy the T3 lounge; I doubt too many would say the same for T2. 

❌ No access on arrival
While Solitaire PPS Club members travelling on Singapore Airlines can access the SilverKris First Class Lounge on arrival, the same does not apply when travelling on Scoot. Access is for departures only.

In case it’s been a while since your last visit, be sure to check out my full review of the SilverKris First Class Lounge at T2 below:

Review: Singapore Airlines SilverKris First Class Lounge Changi Terminal 2

Departing from overseas

SilverKris Lounge Bangkok

When flying into Singapore on Scoot, Solitaire PPS Club members can visit the SilverKris Lounge, where available. However, do note that SilverKris Lounges operate around Singapore Airlines flight timings, and may not be open during your Scoot departure window.

The following Scoot destinations offer a SilverKris Lounge (opening hours can be found on the SIA website):

 First Class SectionBusiness Class Section
Hong Kong
(currently closed)
(reopens 5 Jun 23)
(currently closed)

A First Class section is available in the Hong Kong, Melbourne and Sydney lounges, and I must say it’ll be quite the transition to go from champagne and table service to a cramped middle seat with no free water!

SilverKris First Class Lounge Sydney


Solitaire PPS Club members can now look forward to SilverKris Lounge access when flying on Scoot, both out of and into Singapore. While access in Singapore is restricted to the older and decidedly inferior T2 lounge, it’s still better than nothing.

It’s good to see Singapore Airlines taking this step, because competitors have been offering this for a while now. Qantas Frequent Flyer elites, for example, can visit Qantas lounges when flying on Jetstar. Likewise, Emirates Skywards elites can visit Emirates lounges when flying on flydubai.

Solitaire PPS Club members: what do you make of this change?

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
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