Clarifying some confusion about the two Lifemiles targeted offers

All Milelion readers get the same final bonus regardless of which offer you were targeted with.

The Lifemiles bonus for Milelion readers has gone live, and registration can now be done at this page. Remember, you need to register between 13 and 17 February and buy miles between 14 and 18 February (all times refer to CST, 14 hours behind Singapore) to enjoy this promotion.

There seems to be some confusion regarding the actual bonus so I thought I’d provide some clarity:

There are two targeted bonuses going out, but all Milelion readers get the same final bonus

Two different targeted offers that went out to people’s emails yesterday:

The two different offers that have gone out via email. Note the LHS maxes out at 35% and the RHS at 25%

Regardless of which offer you were targeted for, all Milelion readers get the same final bonus. That’s to say, if you had Offer 1 which maxes out at 135%, your Milelion reader bonus will be 140%, and if you had Offer 2 which maxes out at 125%, your Milelion reader bonus will be 140% too.

Purchase AmountOffer 1Offer 2Milelion Readers
1-50K miles110%100%115%
51-100K miles125%115%130%
101-200K miles135%125%140%

In other words, at best this is a 15% promotion over your existing offer, and at worst it’s a 5% bonus. So some people have more upside than others, but the ultimate bonus everyone who registers gets is the same at all tiers.

I was targeted for 135% so got a bit excited at first because I thought it meant I could buy Lifemiles at 135% +15%= 150%, which would put this deal alongside the Black Friday 150% promotion as one of the highest bonuses we’ve ever seen.

Discounted award pricing is now live


Also mentioned in my initial post was the release of discounted awards between certain city pairs. I am seeing those live in the system now, so you should be able to see the same thing. Here are some examples:

SIN-ORD in J, 70,500 miles instead of the usual 78,000 miles

SIN-LAX in J, 70,500 miles instead of the usual 78,000 miles

SIN-YVR in J, 62,500 miles instead of the usual 78,000 miles

SIN-SEA in J, 66,500 miles instead of the usual 78,000 miles

One important thing to add about the Lifemiles engine: it occasionally shows phantom space (award space that doesn’t really exist), so it’s generally considered best practice to confirm award space you see on with another engine like United or Aeroplan. I’ve written a detailed article about how you do this which you can find here.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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I signed up for a LifeMiles account, entered LM number into registration link and then continued to purchase 39,000 miles under Buy Miles. Applicable Bonus should be 44,850 miles but I only see 39,000 according to Offer 2. Wondering if I’m doing something wrong?


ahh… *lightbulb*


For ICN-SIN, the discounted awards only have Economy for 15,000. But Business is showing 40,000, instead of 36,000.

I supposed they are encouraging people to take the offer during this period, and will go back to 36,000 after.


You people are too early. Read the post again and set your watch to CST time.


I’m trying to register for this promotion but keep getting this error, “Unfortunately the system could not retrieve the offer information. Please try again later.”


I subscribed without trouble. Are you trying with your LifeMiles member number?


Hi Aaron, sorry to trouble you, do you know how to select seats for Asiana? I already made the redemption booking! Thanks for your help.


Oh I figured it, have to call the local reservations office if any one is interested.


Hi, may I know how long is the validity of the purchased Lifemiles? I mean, are the miles valid for, say 3 years, similar to Krisflyer miles? Thanks.


Currently miles expire after 24 months of inactivity, and any sort of mileage activity (including earning or redeeming miles) extends the expiration date of your miles.

After April, miles will expire after 12 months of activity, and only earning miles will extend the expiration date of your miles (meaning that redeeming miles will no longer reset the expiration date of your miles)

So is a great idea max out your miles stock.

You can read more in OMAAT


Thanks for the clarification & link, George.


Hi Aaron, I can now see the 140% and thanks for your blog it’s been really helpful!

However, when I search for SIN-JFK for next week, 26 Feb, there is availability on ANA but it still shows 78k – how do I get to the 70k discounted rate? Thanks!

Aaron Wong

It’s weird because I’m seeing the proper discounted rate without doing anything. Can you take a screenshot of what you’re seeing so I can forward it to the LifeMiles team? You can submit the screenshot via the contact us option


Thanks Milelion. 2 x J awards from AU to Europe return for the mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law at Christmas. 355k miles and at least half price vs revenue fares.

Aaron Wong

I know some people who would sooner ship their mother in law by slave ship 😉 you sir are an example for us all.


For those who have bought the Lifemiles on offer, the 140% bonus equals to 2.4 times the miles purchased right? Example, buying 101,000 Lifemiles means we’re getting 242,400 miles?


Yes. Spot on.


Hmmm… anyone having difficulties completing the transaction?

Had an error message, checked with the card issuing bank who confirmed the transaction was declined but not by the bank. Tried LifeMiles again, and got a pop-up message saying “We already have your information, we will process your request and will contact you with the result of your transaction”


Hi RK, i also face the same issue. has your LM been transacted since then? i am not sure if i should try again using another card or continue waiting. what is the outcome of your purchase?


Hey sorry man ~ just saw your message now. I had 4,5 declines until I tried again the next day and it went through. It wasn’t the bank so it must have been something to do with LM there and then. Hope yours went through too.


No issue with the transaction on my SG credit card. Managed to buy 68,000 LM which cost nearly SGD$3k and it got me 156,000+ LM after bonuses. Enough for a std J return to US. Haven’t decided on travel date so didn’t redeem yet.

Really hope redemption is not gonna be a nightmare later as some websites/blogs seem to suggest it could get problematic at times. Some even went as far as calling LM a sham. Fingers crossed and hope Milelioners here can report on their successful redemptions.


thank Bizflyer, I’m assuming your transaction went through immediately *i.e. and LM miles were reflected immediately?
I can’t speak for redemption otherwise


Yup. Visa transaction went thru n my LM acct reflected the miles within a couple of minutes.

Aaron Wong

Fwiw I’ve never had any trouble using my Dbs WWMC or Altitude with lifemiles



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