Valuing the benefits of the AMEX Platinum Charge card

A comprehensive list of the AMEX Platinum Charge card's benefits (and an attempt to value them).

American Express recently relaunched the AMEX Platinum Charge in Singapore, and opened up applications for this previously invite-only card.

The Platinum Charge is AMEX’s flagship offering, and comes with a S$1,712 annual fee and an income requirement of $200,000 per annum. Cardholders enjoy a host of exclusive benefits such as complimentary hotel stays, elite status with hotel and car rental chains, unlimited airport lounge access, S$800 of airline and hotel statement credit, hotel dining vouchers and more.

Apply for The Platinum Charge card here

I realise that $1,712 is no small amount to pay, and some people may be on the fence as to whether it’s worth it. Therefore, I think it’s really important to sit down and carefully consider how much you value each of the benefits and gifts the card comes with. That’s why I’ve made what I hope is an exhaustive listing of each of the benefits (published or otherwise) the AMEX Platinum Charge card comes with:

Travel & hotel benefits

  • S$400 statement credit for hotel, tour or cruise bookings and S$400 statement credit for airline bookings
  • Savings on First and Business class airfares on American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, British Airways, Emirates, Etihad and Japan Airlines through the International Airlines Program
  • 10/15/20% off on Premium Economy/Business/First Class fares on American Airlines/JAL to North and South America
  • Private jet charter credit
  • Complimentary one night stay at St Regis Singapore or W Hotel Singapore with breakfast included
  • Complimentary 3D/2N stay at selected overseas Banyan Tree or Mandarin Oriental properties, or a 2D/1N stay at Capella Singapore
  • Up to US$300 off cruise packages through the Cruise Privileges Program
  • Access to the following airport lounges (guest allowance in brackets)
    • The Centurion Lounge (+2)
    • International American Express Lounges (guest policy varies by location)
    • Priority Pass Lounges (+1)
    • Delta SkyClub
    • Plaza Premium Airport Lounge (+1-2 guests, depending on location)
  • Access to the AMEX Fine Hotels and Resorts program, which provides benefits such as US$100 amenities credit, room upgrades, early check-in/late check-out, and daily breakfast at more than 1,100 luxury properties around the world
  • Access to The Hotel Collection, where you get a US$75 hotel credit and room upgrade if available with a stay of at least 2 nights at more than 500 hotels worldwide
  • Complimentary Marriott Gold, Shangri-La Golden Circle Jade, Hilton Gold, Radisson Rewards Gold status
  • Complimentary Hertz Five Star and Avis Preferred status

Dining benefits

  • S$100 Tower Club dining voucher
  • S$50 Marriott dining voucher + S$200 St Regis dining voucher
  • FAR Card Classic membership
  • Up to 50% off dining at hotels and restaurants with the Love Dining programme
  • 2X complimentary cake or house wine vouchers to use at FAR participating establishments
  • Access to the Global Dining Collection and Taste from American Express Invites with specials like 20% off the bill or complimentary wine/appetiser

Lifestyle & Spa benefits

  • 60 min complimentary detox massage at Adeva Spa
  • 90 min complimentary ginger detox massage at The Ultimate Resort Spa
  • 60 min complimentary deep tissue body massage at Spa Rael
  • PLATINUM VIBES access with a complimentary drink
  • Access to Tower Club in Singapore and 67 Pall Mall in London
  • Complimentary access to Capital, Zouk and Phuture for cardholder and up to 2 guests for the first 100 Card Members and guests on Fridays and Saturdays before 12 a.m along with access to AMEX member’s lounge
  • 1 for 1 and complimentary drinks at selected bars in Singapore including Gem Bar, Nutmeg & Clove, Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall, The Secret Mermaid and Horse’s Mouth Bar
  • Access to the Regional Golf and Preferred Golf programmes, as well as Mission Hills Resort

Miles earning benefits

  • Earn 0.78 mpd on general spending, and 1.95 mpd on SQ/MI/Scoot tickets purchased online or via the concierge
  • Earn 7.8 mpd on the first $16,000 spent at Platinum EXTRA merchants, and 3.9 mpd after that
  • Spend S$20,000 within 3 months of approval and earn 75,000 bonus MR (46,875 miles), in addition to the base 15,625 miles
  • Transfer your MR points to Asia Miles, British Airways Avios, China Airlines Dynasty Flyer, Emirates Skywards, Malaysia Airlines Enrich, Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer or Thai Royal Orchid Plus with no transfer fees

Other benefits

Have a read of the T&C of the AMEX Platinum Charge card, which explains some of these benefits in more detail.

How much are these benefits worth?

That’s a pretty long list of perks, but how do you place a value on all that? I’m going to attempt to value some of them here, but can I just say something before we start-

Valuation is an inherently subjective concept 

Some people will value the hotel stays at face value, because they’d have been willing to pay those Mandarin Oriental/Capella prices out of pocket. Others will only value the stays at what they’d have otherwise been willing to pay for an alternative hotel. Similarly, some may value the spa vouchers because they enjoy that sort of thing, and others will not.

So take the table below with a liberal pinch of salt. Consider what you do value, take away what you don’t, and come to your own valuation.

Benefit Value
S$800 of hotel and airline credit S$750 (less a non-waivable S$50 booking fee imposed when booking airlines via the concierge)
S$100 Tower Club S$100
S$50 Marriott Dining voucher S$50
S$200 St Regis Dining voucher S$200
1 night stay at W Hotel/St Regis S$630 (based on cancellable, breakfast included rate)
3D/2N stay at Mandarin Oriental/Banyan Tree S$605 (based on Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong)
75,000 MR points @ 2 cpm S$938
Spa vouchers S$941 (based on retail value provided by AMEX)
Cruise benefit S$410 (US$300 per booking)
Lounge access S$587 (US$429 for Prestige version with unlimited visits)
Total S$5K+

That’s my attempt at putting some sort of value to this, but needless to say it’s far from comprehensive. How do you value private club access, or 50% off dining, or complimentary travel insurance, or golfing privileges? How often will you use the 1 for 1 drinks privilege, or buy JAL First Class tickets at 20% off? How often do you shop at Vivo?

The short answer is that it’s impossible to value each and every benefit down to the last cent. If you’re the type who’ll lose sleep if you pay a $1,712 annual fee, this probably isn’t the card for you. On the other hand, if you find your travel/stay/lifestyle patterns quite in line with those offered by the AMEX Platinum Charge, then this could be good value for you.

You can apply for the AMEX Platinum Charge here. If you’re thinking of doing so too, join our dedicated AMEX Platinum Charge Telegram Group where current and would-be cardholders can discuss the benefits and perks.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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A note about the 3D/2N welcome voucher. It’s valid for 6 months from issuance date.


Most of the other benefits are moot because Amex Platinum CREDIT Card already has them. The only difference between the CREDIT Card and Charge card is the travel benefits, and that’s is the key difference which cost 1.4k Quite a shame that Aaron even have to use the 50% dining off as a perk without mentioning other Amex cards already have them without the hefty 1.7k annual fee. Certainly value is subjective, but when we actually do have some other reference point, we can easily place a relative value. So in summary – I’m going to simply label “not worth”… Read more »


To me, 20X EXTRA (Charge Card) vs 10X EXTRA (Credit Card), already justifies the “hefty AF” and pays for itself, and the rest just becomes icing… so yes, value is indeed very subjective..


If Aaron thinks that this is a good point he should have put it in this post. I didn’t see it (maybe I’m blind because on mobile, and ranting on mobile is never a good idea but hey I’m an idiot lol The absence of which suggest that he doesn’t think this is useful. Again, this post reads more like “hey this is what this card can do” vs a actual value comparison/analysis. But yeah, value is subjective. But if that’s your main sales pitch I’ll be very concerned about the value that you are advocating for. Can Aaron do… Read more »


@Ken – But the 20X EXTRA is only valid with purchases with “Extra Partners” which doesn’t cover many partners.


@Derek.. I honestly didn’t count how many 20X EXTRA Merchants there are.. but.. all I need is one. Again.. my point is.. Sure.. the card isn’t for everyone.. and I don’t mean this in any negative or condescending way.. I’m just saying it, as a matter of fact.. For example.. I know of many who value the OCBC Voyage Card.. and I did pick one up for myself too.. but NOT for buying Voyage Miles, which many see the value in.. I did it for the local dining spend.. and once they lowered the mpd rate, I cancelled the card..… Read more »


@Ken I am not slamming the card, i actually like it and want it. But was just highlighting a point. But, look at the EXTRA merchants and tell me do you realistically see yourself purchasing an item from one of those retailers?

I still think this card offers tremendous value regardless


@Derek.. You sure sounded like you were, but, again, that really doesn’t matter..

I did.. and I did say.. there’s one there that is all I need.. I’ll surpass that $16k p.a. without much problem.. and I’m not bragging.. all I’m saying is, if the shoe fits!

[edited/deleted paragraph cos I confused two different pple.. I correct myself]

I just got mine this evening.. I’m a happy camper..


Hi Powell, I feel that we should appreciate Aaron for sharing this information with us. I don’t think we should be over-critical over his analysis. He did mention that value is a subjective concept and let’s just accept it as so. Once again, thank you Aaron. 🙂


I’m slightly annoyed because I feel that the only reason Aaron not doing a more critical/extensive analysis is because in so doing he’ll not be able to make a attractive pitch for this card (of which he’ll get referral commission). I mean, if your actual pitch is “value is subjective, this card may work of you” then seriously any card will work. I don’t see him putting this empty caveat for rest of his other cards analysis. To be frank, if this card is that great, I’m pretty sure he will put it out there and compare contrast with other… Read more »


I do think Aaron could be more critical in this post. Perhaps he can look at the post again and update if he feels there’s any additional points to add.


@Powell, I reckon there’s more than just a few here who are more than just “slightly annoyed” about how ungrateful and self centered you are, and would stretch to say that the same people would prefer you either not read the articles here anymore or just keep quiet..

Weren’t you thought growing up that if your have nothing nice to say, keep quiet?


I can understand ungrateful, even though I may disagree. Honestly not sure how self centered can apply here…. I mean I can understand if I complain how LOTR 3 is a terrible movie some people maybe say I’m being ungrateful to Peter Jackson. But self centered? Can’t say I have heard stranger things levied at me when I provide criticism. Nonetheless, shoutout for the “if you are not happy you can leave” comment =) super mature. If I didn’t like MileLion or think Aaron is a solid dude I would have done what you said. There are those who voice… Read more »


@Powell – I believe most people are taking issue with how you have articulated your ‘grievances’.

For a start, you could state things factually while toning down the judgemental portions (e.g. “quite a shame”, “shameless marketing plug”). If you think Aaron is diluting his impartiality, then state it politely. Perceptibly personal (and uncalled for) attacks are seldom helpful.

Case in point, I could easily call you an intolerant snob based on what I have read from you so far, but I won’t 🙂


Hey nice! Trying to pretend not to insult by insulting anyway! Case in point, I could easily call you smarmy for trying to be snide but I won’t! On a more serious note, I disagree wrt to how I’m insulting towards Aaron, but point nonetheless taken. Thing is, I don’t think Aaron is trying to purposefully being bias for profit. Hence I’m honestly not outrightly calling it either. To me it’s a shame, but I’m not sure how else to call it. We can agree to disagree on whether it is personal or not. No malice on my part, and… Read more »


I do love myself some ramblings on the internet! Tipping my hat to you. I love the fact that I’ve been proven wrong, and this incident anchors my belief that your reviews are still the most unbiased and reliable, even when it may look iffy at first. I always believe that you will only promote cards you believe in, and I’m glad this is still the case. I may not agree with the finer details, but promoting in good faith is especially important for me when I read an influencer’s blog. (Yes you are one, You have great influence lol)… Read more »


@powell.. you can agree or disagree.. or agree to disagree.. you can disagree to me calling you self centered, or do not see it, or do, I couldn’t care less.. I couldn’t care less if you made a thousand dollars a month or a millions dollars a day.. and you can feel how matured you are or I, how immatured I am.. or how you can justify your existence in the world, let alone your justification in about what true friends are and what false friends would be.. if you had half a brain, you’d shoot yourself in the head..… Read more »

Not A Brown Noser

@Ken you couldn’t care less so you sprouted all this rambling nonsense just to prove you’re a moron.. well done bro. Don’t fall off the bed tonight..


Call yourself “Not A Brown Noser”…?




Actually I think Powell is onto something. Aaron was really critical / scathing about the OCBC Voyager card, but then he wrote a very… meh article which sounded almost like he was advocating for it, when OCBC invited him to do a write up.


Aaron, many thanks for bringing this to our attention.
If I read correctly, you may have unintentionally omitted the fact that the income requirement of >$200K pa can be a prohibitive barrier to most. Or are they waiving this requirement?


Good to know that you are in that category
Good on you! 🙂


Jokes aside, I think Powell did raise a valid point on marginal comparatives, which should then provide for more objective analysis.
In this respect, the marginal benefits of this card versus (i) other AMEX cards; and/or (ii) similar semi-premium cards (e.g. CitiPrestige, StanChart VI).

In any case, such a construct differs from person to person, and the permutations for such an analysis would be too onerous.


One can agree or disagree with Aaron or anyone on any travel blog.. EVERYthing is subjective and relative.. Aaron puts out his views, and every and anyone can agree or disagree.. as he, and I, and others have pointed out, everything has its own perspectives and angles.. To some, a Mercedes Benz E200, Isn’t just expensive or not-value-for-money, it’s also unattainable… as how I would see myself as being able to make S$10m a year.. but.. I also know people right here in SG that would not even consider buying an E63 AMG, simply because it’s “too low”.. and he/she… Read more »


And… Have I mentioned… that, to me.. poor and old me.. that just the 20X Extra Rewards.. justifies its “hefty” AF…? !?

And, so,, if anyone, wants to come out and say how bias or stupid Aaron was with his write up/ biasisness… first needs to buy a small mirror, at least.. and I’d after that still.. still nothing.. I guess then Oh Well……..


Dear Aaron,

Thank you for the comprehensive review. Could you do a comparison piece between this and the Amex Platinum Reserve CC? It has an AF of $535, which is more in line with CP, Voyage etc.


the plat charge should have been $250k annual income. my personal take. too many people will hold the card now. I preferred it when it was invite only.

[…] wrote a post yesterday listing down each and every benefit of the AMEX Platinum Charge in detail, and attempting to value t… My conclusion was that since value is so subjective and different people value different things, […]


For me the value comes from the unlimited priority pass for cardholder and a guest. That benefit applies to 2 supplementary card holders too so its worth quite a bit more if you utilize the card that way.


Actually to be frank, I wonder sometimes whether one needs to be a cardholder to give the AMEX Platinum Charge Card a fair judgment? I have been a member since 2007 and a time when the annual fee was at $1200/-. So far so good and I went into this card with my eyes open. AMEX has been good and there are a fair number of value propositions that AMEX can make for you, though they are not being mentioned here, provided you know how and what to ask. Special invite to events is one and access is not given… Read more »


Don’t Supplementary cardholders get a Priority Pass also? Meaning a maximum of 3 PPs, assuming 2x supp Platinum cardholders? Which adds another 2x S$587 to the total value?

[…] card comes with a host of benefits and perks to match its $1,712 annual fee. Most people would be familiar with the main highlights– $800 of travel credit, a 2 night stay at selected Banyan Tree/Mandarin Oriental Hotels, a 1 […]

[…] Regis/W Sentosa Singapore, $400 airline and $400 hotel credit, spa vouchers, dining vouchers etc- check out this post for the full listing) enclosed, as well as the usual terms & conditions, product highlight sheet, overseas […]


Hi Aaron..

If one of the benefits of Amex Plat is Hilton Honors GOLD.. and..

If GOLD is
20 stays, 40 nights or 75,000 Hilton Honors Base Points..


30 stays, 60 nights or 120,000 Hilton Honors Base Points..


If at GOLD, every USD1 earns 18 pts…..

Does it mean that for an Amex Plat member…

SGD1 = 12.85 pts; spending SGD3,500.. earning 45,000 pts.. or 10 stays.. or 20 nights… get the member DIAMOND status…?

Thanks much!


So after no insights from anyone, I phoned Amex to find out.. interestingly, even the agent on phone didn’t know the answer, which kinda helped me not feeling like a complete duh.. but of course, like all times, very professional and he told me he’d find out and call me back and so far, answers from 3 out of 4 hotels (Hilton remains unknown) are that I can’t just take ‘the difference’ between Gold /Jade and the next level as qualification to the next level.. I’ll have to clock in whatever the qualification requirements are for that level.. I’ll wait… Read more »

[…] As a Platinum Charge cardholder, you also get complimentary Hilton Gold status. Have a read of the full benefits here. […]

[…] previously written about the published benefits of the newly-relaunched AMEX Platinum Charge card, as well as why I decided to get it despite the […]


Has anyone tried getting the supplementary cards for the charge card and know to what extent the benefits are ?
eg: All the Gold tiers for hotel programmes are they also available to sub card?

Happy Camper




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