New KrisFlyer Experiences: Booze, booze and more booze

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The latest KrisFlyer Experiences are a boozefest, with tastings at No Sleep Club, Sake Labo and other notable watering holes.

Singapore Airlines has launched new activities on its KrisFlyer Experiences platform, with the latest batch focused on all things boozy. 

Members in Singapore will be able to redeem KrisFlyer miles for tastings at No Sleep Club, Gin Parlour, Sake Labo and The Single Cask, while those in Manila can enjoy at-home wine tastings, conducted over video by a sommelier. 

Experiences start from 10,000 KrisFlyer miles each.

What are KrisFlyer Experiences?
KrisFlyer Experiences launched back in January 2020, allowing members to redeem their KrisFlyer miles for money-can’t-buy experiences. Past experiences have included various online workshops, high-end dining packages, and a KrisFlyer cruise-to-nowhere. KrisFlyer Experiences can be redeemed for the member or his/her friends and family.

Latest KrisFlyer Experiences

Here’s the details of these new experiences: 

ExperienceCost Per PaxDates
🇸🇬 Activities in Singapore
Whiskey Tasting at The Single Cask 10,000 miles 20 Dec 21 to 16 Jun 22
Cocktail Tasting at No Sleep Club 10,000 miles 17 Dec 21 to 16 Jun 22
Gin Tasting at The Gin Parlour 10,000 miles 17 Dec 21 to 16 Jun 22
Sake Tasting at Sake Labo 10,000 miles 17 Dec 21 to 16 Jun 22
🇵🇭 Activities in Metro Manila
(all online)
Wine Appreciation 101 15,000 miles 9 Dec 21 to 9 Mar 22
Wine Appreciation Around The World 18,000 miles 9 Dec 21 to 9 Mar 22
Wine Appreciation- Spanish Wines 18,000 miles 9 Dec 21 to 9 Mar 22
Wine Appreciation- Italian Wines 18,000 miles 9 Dec 21 to 9 Mar 22
Wine Appreciation- French Wines 18,000 miles 9 Dec 21 to 9 Mar 22

All experiences are non-refundable once redeemed, and members can redeem as many of each item as they wish, subject to availability. 

Once redeemed, members will need to contact the vendor to make reservations. 

Is it worth it?

No Sleep Club

While KrisFlyer Experiences is supposedly about money-can’t-buy experiences, these activities (at least the ones in Singapore, I’m not sure about Manila) are very much purchasable by the general public.

For example, the cocktail tasting at No Sleep Club consists of: 

  • Short Introduction of the Tasting Flight
  • 2 Signature Cocktails (Full Size)
  • 2 Seasonal Snacks

You’re basically paying 10,000 KrisFlyer miles for two cocktails and two snacks. I value KrisFlyer miles at 1.8 cents each, so unless the retail price of that F&B exceeds S$180, you’d be better off arranging your own visit and paying cash.

Likewise, the gin tasting at Gin Parlour consists of:

  • Short Introduction of the Tasting Flight
  • 1 x 30ml Four Pillar Rare Dry Gin
  • 1 x 30ml Four Pillar Navy Strength
  • 1 x 30ml Four Pillar Bloody Shiraz Gin
  • Tasting samples will be served with tonic
  • 4 Bar Snacks:
    • 2 Malay-style Grilled Satay
    • 2 Panko Shrimps with Flying Fish Roe Aioli
    • 2 Sesame-crusted Chicken Wings
    • 2 Vegetarian Spring Rolls

The retail price of the gin is about S$75++, so those four bar snacks would have to be pretty darn pricey to justify the 10,000 miles.


The latest set of booze-filled KrisFlyer Experiences isn’t anything to get tipsy over, in my opinion.

If any of these watering holes were on your to-do list, you’d be better off paying cash. I mean, it’d be different if these packages gave some sort of behind-the-scenes access, like a closed-door session with the bartender or a cocktail making class, because that’s what KrisFlyer Experiences are supposed to be about. But this is more like buying an overpriced set menu. 

In case you’re interested in what past KrisFlyer Experiences have had to offer, be sure to check out all the previous coverage here.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
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I guess it would only be worth it if sexy hostesses came included with the experience



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