UOB Lady’s Card: Which bonus categories should you choose?

UOB Lady's Card customers can earn 4 mpd on groceries, dining, petrol, shopping, travel and public transport- but not at the same time. How should you choose?

UOB Lady’s Cardholders can earn 4 mpd on up to S$2,000 of monthly spending on their choice of bonus categories. This includes restaurants, supermarkets, shopping, taxis, air tickets, hotels, and petrol but— here’s the catch — not all at the same time. 

That’s because cardholders have to choose which category or categories they’d like to earn bonuses on, a selection that can be rotated every calendar quarter. 

It’s a highly personal choice of course, as everyone’s spending patterns will be different. But given the availability of alternatives on the market, certain selections may make more sense than others. 

Here’s what you can pick, and what I would pick. 

UOB Lady’s Card bonus categories

UOB Lady’s Card
UOB Lady’s Solitaire
Income Req.
S$30,000 p.a.
Points Validity
2 years
S$120,000 p.a. (Solitaire) 
Annual Fee

5,000 UNI$
(10,000 miles)

FCY Fee 3.25% Transfer Fee S$25
Local Earn 0.4 mpd Points Pool? Yes
FCY Earn 0.4 mpd Lounge Access? No
Special Earn 4 mpd on 1/2 bonus categories Airport Limo? No
Cardholder Terms and Conditions
Note: A by-invitation-only metal version of the UOB Lady’s Solitaire also exists, with a higher annual fee of S$598.99 and a complimentary airport transfer + six lounge visits per year. Earn rates and bonus caps are the same as the plastic UOB Lady’s Solitaire

UOB Lady’s Card and UOB Lady’s Solitaire Card members will earn 10 UNI$ for every S$5 spent (4 mpd) on: 

  • UOB Lady’s Card: 1 bonus category, capped at S$1,000 per calendar month
  • UOB Lady’s Solitaire Card: 2 bonus categories, capped at S$2,000 per calendar month (the cap is shared between both bonus categories)
👍 Extra 2-6 mpd with UOB Lady’s Savings Account
From 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2025, UOB Lady’s Cardholders can earn an extra 2-6 mpd on bonus category spending if they have a UOB Lady’s Savings Account. Learn more here.

Any spending beyond the cap earns just 0.4 mpd, so be careful not to overshoot.

Choosing bonus categories

Cardholders choose their bonus categories via this link, and can change their selection every calendar quarter. 

Choose bonus categories

Selecting bonus categories requires entering your 16-digit card number. Even if you don’t have the physical card yet, you can obtain this from the UOB TMRW app. However, if you were recently approved (<24 hours) the system may throw an error message when registering your bonus categories. Try again after 24 hours.

Some important things to note:

  • The first time you choose your bonus categories, they are effective immediately
  • Bonus categories can be re-selected every calendar quarter, up till 2359 hours (SGT) the day before the first calendar date of the following calendar quarter
  • The bank will take the most recent entry submitted as the bonus category for the following quarter. For example, if you submit ‘Fashion’ on 15 April, then submit ‘Dining’ on 21 June, your bonus category for 1 July to 30 September will be ‘Dining’ 
  • If you do not manually re-select your bonus categories, the choices from the previous quarter will be automatically carried over
  • If you upgraded from the Lady’s Card to the Lady’s Solitaire Card, your additional bonus category will only be effective from the following calendar quarter

Which category should you pick?

Here’s a rundown of which MCCs are included under each of the seven bonus categories available to UOB Lady’s Cardholders.

💳 UOB Lady’s Card Bonus Categories
Category MCCs
💆 Beauty & Wellness 5912 Drug Stores & Pharmacies
5977 Cosmetic Stores
7230 Barber & Beauty Shops
7231 Beauty, Barber Shop & Gyms
7297 Massage Parlors
7298 Health & Beauty Spas
🍽️  Dining 5811 Caterers
5812 Restaurants
5814 Fast Food
5499 Misc. Food Stores
📽️ Entertainment 5813 Bars, Lounges, Discos, Nightclubs
7832 Motion Picture Theatres
7922 Theatrical Producers, Ticketing Agencies
🛒 Family 5411 Grocery Stores & Supermarkets
5641 Children’s and infant’s Wear Stores
👗 Fashion 5311 Department Stores
5611 Men & Boy’s Clothing and Accessories
Women’s Ready to Wear
5631 Women’s Accessories
5651 Family Clothing Stores
5655 Sports Apparel Stores
5661 Shoe Stores
5691 Men’s and Women’s Clothing Stores
5699 Accessory and Apparel Stores
5948 Leather Goods & Luggage Stores
🚕 Transport 4111 Transportation Suburban & Local Commuter
4121 Taxis and Limos
4789 Transportation Services Not Elsewhere Classified
Petrol Stations
5542 Automated Petrol Stations
✈️ Travel
[not explicitly mentioned in T&Cs; refer here for details]

3000-3299 4511 4582 Airlines
4411 Cruise Liners
4722 Travel Agencies
5309 Duty-free Stores

3500-3999 7011  Hotels
Bonus are valid for both local and foreign currency spending, whether online or offline

If you’re not certain about the MCC of a specific transaction, here’s three ways of looking it up before spending.

Method Ease of Use Reliability
HeyMax ●●●
📱 Instarem app ●● ●●
🤖 DBS digibot

So how do you go about selecting a bonus category?

Your personal spending patterns

Sorry to be Captain Obvious here, but some categories will be complete non-starters for certain individuals. Someone who prefers staying home won’t get much mileage out of choosing Entertainment as a bonus category, and someone who rarely eats out won’t want to pick Dining. 

So your bonus categories should, at a minimum, match the sort of things you normally spend on.

Alternative cards

But just as important to consider are alternatives: if you could already earn bonuses on a particular category with a different card, then choosing it as your bonus category may be duplicative.

Category Alternatives
🍽️  Dining
👗 Fashion
  • Citi Rewards: 4 mpd on first S$1,000 per statement month
  • HSBC Revolution: 4 mpd on first S$1,000 per calendar month
  • OCBC Rewards: 4 mpd on first S$1,110 per calendar month
✈️ Travel
  • HSBC Revolution: 4 mpd on first S$1,000 per calendar month (flights, cruises)
🛒 Family
  • HSBC Revolution: 4 mpd on the first S$1,000 per calendar month (supermarkets)*
  • DBS yuu Card: 18% rebates with min. spend and cap of S$600 (Giant, Cold Storage)
*Excludes MCC 5814 (Fast food, GrabFood, Deliveroo, Foodpanda) from 1 May 24
*No more bonuses on supermarkets from 1 May 24

Why I say “may” is because there can be good reasons for choosing a bonus category already covered by another card.

The simplest example is that you spend a lot on a particular category, so much so that it busts the cap on other cards. Someone who spends big on restaurants may find the S$1,000 monthly cap on the HSBC Revolution to be insufficient, and supplements it by choosing Dining as his UOB Lady’s Card’s bonus category.

Another reason is that you may want to free up the alternative card’s bonus cap for other categories. For example, I might choose Dining as my UOB Lady’s Card bonus category so I can use the HSBC Revolution for cruises, gym memberships and rental cars.

It’s also important to remember that as whitelist cards, the UOB Lady’s Cards can help to reduce the load on your blacklist cards, and free up their more flexible caps for other purposes. For example, instead of using your DBS Woman’s World Card or Citi Rewards for Grab and gojek rides, you could choose Transport as your bonus category and use the UOB Lady’s Card instead. 

Blacklist vs whitelist cards: How I optimise between both

The MileLioness and I each have a UOB Lady’s Solitaire Card, and our bonus categories are:

  • Mine: Travel + Family
  • Hers: Transport + Dining

We each have a UOB Lady’s Savings Account with S$10,000 inside for an extra 2 mpd, and the combined monthly 6 mpd cap of S$4,000 (S$2,000 per card) works quite well for us.

Her bonus categories cover our day-to-day petrol, Grab/gojek rides, food delivery and eating out. My bonus categories cover groceries (though if it’s Cold Storage or Giant I’m more inclined to use the DBS yuu Card), as well as hotels and air tickets when we travel (with Amaze where applicable for better FCY rates).

I personally don’t see the value in Entertainment, or Beauty & Wellness, unless perhaps you happen to be buying a big ticket spa package that quarter.

Earn an extra 2-6 mpd with the UOB Lady’s Savings Account

From 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2025, UOB Lady’s Cardholders can earn an extra 2-6 mpd from the UOB Lady’s Savings Account, depending on their monthly average balance (MAB).

Monthly Average Balance UNI$ from Lady’s Savings Account UNI$ from Lady’s or Lady’s Solitaire Card Total
<S$10K N/A 10X UNI$
(4 mpd)
10X UNI$
(4 mpd)
S$10,000 to S$49,999 5X UNI$
(2 mpd)
15X UNI$
(6 mpd)
S$50,000 to S$99,999 10X UNI$
(4 mpd)
20X UNI$
(8 mpd)
S$100K and more 15X UNI$
(6 mpd)
25X UNI$
(10 mpd)

I’ve previously written why I believe that S$10,000 is the sweet spot, though it boils down to how much you value a mile (since you’re basically trading miles for interest- this account earns just 0.05% p.a.!).

Moreover, there’s a case to be made for depositing S$50,000 or even S$100,000- albeit only in the first month, and only for a very brief period! I’ve covered the details in the article below, so refer to that for more information. 

Act fast: UOB Lady’s Savings Account open to men, ahead of schedule

Bonus UNI$ from the UOB Lady’s Savings are credited by the end of the following calendar month.


The UOB Lady’s Cards are extremely versatile tools because of their shapeshifting ability to be different things at different times. It can be a dining card this quarter and a shopping card the next, or perhaps a travel card should you be going on vacation. 

If your income allows for it, you should aim to get the Solitaire version to enjoy a higher 4 mpd cap of S$2,000 instead of S$1,000 on the base version, and if you have some spare cash, parking S$10,000 in a UOB Lady’s Savings Account (or more, just for the first month) for an extra 2 mpd might not be the worst idea either.

UOB Lady’s Card cardholders: What bonus categories do you choose and why?

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Does Amaze + UOB lady’s earn 4mpd on travel? Travel category doesn’t seem
MCC tagged, but instead by merchant name?


Is paying the annual fee worth it for the lady’s solitaire? I think I can hit the min. Reqs but without bonus miles or lounge access I’m not sure if the annual fee is worth paying at all?


Annual fee can be waived easily


For Solitaire? Are you sure?


Previous reports of repetitive annual fee waivers for Solitaire despite low monthly spends but YMMV


Hi Aaron, I use amex platinum charge card for most of my expenses including Air tickets. I only use other cards like UOB krisflyer card if the merchant don’t take amex or due to promotion. Will you recommend I should switch to UOB lady solitaire or continue using UOB krisflyer if my daily expenses are groceries and dining for miles earning purposes? For online expenses, I am using DBS women world card. I dont have a lady card now. Thank you!


If my wife gets the card, can she transfer the bank points/miles to my (husband’s) Krisflyer acct?




Does anyone know how strict the annual income requirement on the Solitaire card is?


Will the travel category include booking through OTAs like Agoda or Expedia?


it looks like UOB’s started to nerf *Amaze pairing related transactions which started to appear in PPV and VS T&Cs but oddly not updated for Lady’s card. Anyone else noticed ?


I have the UOB ladies solitaire card and am not a fan. One of the categories I selected is “beauty and wellness” but hardly any of the transactions I make in this category qualify for the bonus points. I think beauty-related merchants somehow often use unrelated MCC that are not covered by the rather limited MCC codes UOB’s categories include. So the card is quite useless in this category. Safer to use a card with high general spend ratio. Also, it is extremely hard to verify UOB’s MCC as the online chat is laughably bad. It can’t give you MCC… Read more »


Hello. Does anyone know if Amazon Fresh purchases count as Grocery purchases (ie with MCC 5411)?


Does the travel category covers transactions not made through third party sites like Agoda, Booking, Expedia etc?


If I have the uob solitaire paired with amaze card, would I earn 4mpd on overseas dining ?


does the family catergory include amazon prime?


I mean Amazon Fresh


does wellness include fitness boutique studios such as pilates or barre studios?


Hi Aaron, if cap for bonus is by statement month, is it by transaction date or post date of transaction?


Is there anyway to check which category I’ve chosen, other than calling in to CS?


Nope. Gotta call.


do supplementary card spending also earn points that accrue together with main cardholder?


How can I check which 2 categories I selected? Thanks.


For grab, if it is a transport transaction vs a food delivery transaction, it will be 2 different mcc category?


Great article! Does transport cover petrol top up at the gas station?


also, many bars/clubs are either under dining or entertainment. there doesn’t seem to be a fixed rule (eg, bars which serve a bit of finger snacks end up under dining). so in this case I just picked both dining & entertaininment to cover all drinks/food outside


PSA I used at EU Travel and it coded as MCC 7991 (instead of 4722). Found this odd as you also mentioned EU was one of the entities mentioned on the lady’s card landing page (do you still have a link to this?) I have raised it to UOB hotline but no response yet


I have the Lady’s card, only have 1 bonus category.

I chose Dining. I often order groceries via foodpanda. Do you know if foodpanda uses same MCC for food delivery and groceries delivery?

Can’t find this info anywhere online.


Petrol no longer enjoining 4 mpd?