Last 3 days: SingSaver February credit card sign up gifts

Sign up for credit cards and get exclusive cash and voucher a little something extra for Valentine's Day.

Please read the instructions here before applying for any SingSaver cards!

Well done, everyone, for truly and decisively defeating the evil forces of cashback in last month’s miles vs cashback competition. Everyone on Team Miles should have received a bonus hongbao of $30 per approved application. Do allow 2-3 months for the fulfillment of your application gift.

SingSaver’s February credit card offers are now live, with exclusive cash gifts and vouchers available for new and existing customers. After applying, remember to fill up the gift redemption form with your application reference number, which enables SingSaver to deliver your gift.

For February, SingSaver is running a Valentine’s Day campaign called “Unlock Love“, with 1,000 dining, shopping and travel prizes worth $50,000 to be given away. Every application for an eligible product entitles you to a sure-win gift of a minimum $30 value including Grab, HonestBee, Qoo10, Chope, Scoot and CapitaLand vouchers, a Go Pro, a Tiffany bracelet, a one night stay at the Shangri-La Sentosa and more!

Check out the February card offers here
Read about February’s sure-win gifts here

You can apply for eligible products from now till 28 Feb. Applicants will receive a separate email informing them how to unlock their gift. Read the FAQs here.

What’s different this month:

  • There is no sign up gift on AMEX cards this month, however applicants for the AMEX KrisFlyer Ascend will still be eligible for a sure-win Valentine’s Day gift
  • Citibank has extended the sign up bonus on the Citi PremierMiles Visa card to 31 March 2019- spend $7,500 in the first 3 months, pay the first year’s annual fee and get 30,000 miles in total

Here’s the full T&C for all offers. 

Citi PremierMiles Visa & Citi Rewards Visa

New-to-BankExisting Customer
Citi Rewards Visa$200 NTUC, Grab or Taka vouchers$30 NTUC vouchers
Citi PremierMiles Visa$200 NTUC, Grab or Taka vouchers$30 NTUC vouchers

Apply for the Citibank PremierMiles and Rewards card here

*This product is eligible for the Valentine’s Day sure-win gift*

The Citi PremierMiles Visa earns 1.2 mpd locally and 2.0 mpd overseas, with up to 7 mpd on Expedia and 10 mpd on Kaligo. The card also comes with two complimentary lounge visits a year via Priority Pass (this will be changed to DragonPass in the future). Citi Miles earned through the Citi PremierMiles Visa do not expire.

There’s currently an ongoing sign up bonus for the Citi PremierMiles Visa, where you get 30,000 miles in total with paying the annual fee and spending a minimum of $7,500 within the first 3 months. You’re still eligible for this bonus if you sign up via SingSaver.

The Citi Rewards card continues to be the go-to card for online and offline shopping, where you’re buying bags, shoes or clothes, or shopping at department stores. Earn 10X points (4 mpd) on the first $1,000 of spending each calendar month.

Citibank points don’t pool, but the good news is they have the widest selection of partner airlines in Singapore, with 12 programs to choose from. Two useful programs they partner with are Etihad Guest and British Airways Avios– refer to the links for some ideas how to spend those points.

New-to-bank customers get $200 of NTUC, Grab or Taka vouchers when they’re successfully approved for a Citibank card, and existing customers get $30. The first year annual fee is waived on both cards (but you will need to pay the annual fee on the Citi PremierMiles Visa if you want to get the 30,000 mile bonus), and this promotion is available for applications submitted by 28 Feb 2019. 

Standard Chartered Visa Infinite

New to BankExisting Cardholder
SCB Visa InfiniteS$100S$50

Apply for the SCB Visa Infinite here

*This product is eligible for the Valentine’s Day sure-win gift*

The SCB Visa Infinite is part of the so-called “$120K” group of entry level prestige cards (although its income requirement technically is $150K). You earn 1.4 and 3.0 mpd on local and overseas spending respectively if you spend more than S$2K in a statement period, otherwise you’re looking at 1.0 mpd for everything.

The card has a non-waivable annual fee of $588.50, for which you get 35,000 welcome miles. That said, it does not have an unlimited Priority Pass (6 visits only) nor does it have airport limo service.

However, remember that the $100 SingSaver gift reduces the first year annual fee to $488.50, which means you acquire 35,000 miles at 1.396 cents each, a very good price to buy miles.

Also remember that the SCB Visa Infinite offers one of the best tax payment facilities in the market. For a processing fee of 1.6%, you can earn 1.4 mpd assuming you spend at least S$2K in total during a given month. That works out to just 1.14 cents per mile, making the SCB VI a pretty interesting proposition for people who want to buy miles on the cheap.

This promotion is available for applications submitted by 28 Feb 2019.

AMEX KrisFlyer Ascend

New to BankExisting Customer
AMEX KrisFlyer AscendNoneNone

Apply for the KrisFlyer Ascend here

*This product is eligible for the Valentine’s Day sure-win gift*

SingSaver is not offering a specific sign up gift for the AMEX KrisFlyer Ascend this month, but applicants will still be eligible to get a sure-win Valentine’s Day gift.

The AMEX KrisFlyer Ascend earns 1.2 mpd on local spending throughout the year and 2.0 mpd on overseas spending in June and December. You will earn 3.2 mpd on Grab spending, capped at $200 per month, and 2.0 mpd on SQ/MI tickets bought online, without cap.

The KrisFlyer Ascend is offering a spend $12,000 get 49,400 miles offer which is broken down as follows:

  • 5,000 bonus miles on the first spend
  • 15,000 miles with $6,000 spend in first 3 months, 15,000 miles with $6,000 spend in months 4-6
  • 14,400 base miles on the total $12,000 spend

I’d recommend getting this card when you know you have big ticket spending coming up that will allow you to hit the threshold. You can read my analysis of these new sign up bonuses here.

Do remember that the KrisFlyer Ascend also comes with Hilton Silver status and a complimentary night hotel stay voucher, four SATS/Plaza Premium lounge access vouchers and a fast track offer for KrisFlyer Elite Gold.

The KrisFlyer Ascend has a non-waivable first year annual fee of S$337.05, and choosing to use the SingPass MyInfo feature during application (which connects to your SingPass account to auto-populate some fields) will get you a bonus $20 CapitaVoucher.

HSBC Revolution

New to BankExisting Customer
HSBC Revolution$150 cashback$100 cashback

Apply for the HSBC Revolution here

*This product is not eligible for the Valentine’s Day sure-win gift*

The HSBC Revolution is a useful backup card to have because it earns 2.0 mpd on online, local dining and local entertainment transactions. 2.0 mpd on dining is less than the Maybank Horizon Visa Signature’s 3.2 mpd, but HSBC’s definition of dining is broader. HSBC considers fast food to be part of dining, and explicitly states that spend at clubs, pubs, bars will get 2 mpd. There also is no minimum spend amount required to earn this.

Fun fact: you can pair the HSBC Revolution with your EZ-Reload service and earn 2 mpd on the first S$200 spent on EZ-link top ups each month. That’s more than the 1.4 mpd you’d earn by using your UOB PRVI Miles Mastercard with ABT. 

Unlike the rest of the cards here, the HSBC sign up gift is in the form of cashback. That’s to say, the gift is awarded by the bank, not SingSaver. If you applied normally through the HSBC website, you’d get $100 of cashback as a new customer if you spend $600 within 30 days. Applying through SingSaver gives you an additional $50 of cashback for a total of $150.

Existing cardholders will get $100 cashback when they sign up through SingSaver ($50 otherwise) and spend $600 within 30 days.

This offer applies to applications received before 28 Feb 2019. 


Image result for uob prvi miles

New-to-BankExisting Cardholder
UOB PRVI Miles (All variants)S$50S$50

Apply for the UOB PRVI Miles Visa here
Apply for the UOB PRVI Miles Mastercard here
Apply for the UOB PRVI Miles AMEX here

*This product is not eligible for the Valentine’s Day sure-win gift*

The UOB PRVI Miles is a general spending workhorse, earning 1.4/2.4 mpd for local/overseas spending without any cap or minimum spend requirement. Those earning rates may be below the 1.5/3.0 mpd being offered by the BOC Elite Miles World Mastercard, but I can guarantee you you’ll get your UOB PRVI Miles card approved faster than the BOC.

You can also earn 10 mpd for hotel and airline bookings made through selected OTAs like Expedia, Agoda and UOB Travel.

If you opt for the PRVI Miles AMEX, spending $50,000 in a membership year will get you 20,000 loyalty miles, and you can redeem up to 8 complimentary airport transfers per year.

The first year annual fee is waived, and whether you’re an existing or new UOB customer, SingSaver is giving $50 of cash to successful applicants. This promotion is available for applications submitted by 28 Feb 2019. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
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