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What you need to know about the X Card’s new hotel and airline transfer partners

The SCB X Card gives you access to three loyalty programs that weren't available through Singapore credit cards before. Are they worth your sign up bonus?

Although all the buzz so far regarding the Standard Chartered X Card has been about its 100,000 miles sign up bonus, an equally interesting development is the addition of 11 new transfer partners.

Previously, 360° Rewards Points could only be transferred to KrisFlyer. With the launch of the X Card, Standard Chartered has added nine more FFPs and two hotel loyalty programs to its lineup.

In a market like Singapore where KrisFlyer and Asia Miles are the order of the day, it’s always good to have additional options because certain FFPs may have great sweet spots, generous routing rules, or unique tricks that help you maximise your miles.

How do you access these new partners?

There’s a bit of confusion as to how to transfer 360° Rewards Points to these new partners. If you go to the SCB Rewards portal, all you’ll see is the usual KrisFlyer options.

To see the other 11 rewards programs, you’ll need to do the following.

If you’re on desktop, go to the SCB Internet banking website. Click on your X Card account–> Card Details–>View My Rewards–>Transfer Rewards

If you’re on the mobile app, go to Credit Card Rewards–> Select Card–>Transfer Rewards–> Accept

Screenshot credit: Sam G

You’ll then see the full listing of partners and their respective transfer ratios.

Screenshot credit: Sam G

What are the transfer ratios to these new partners?

Although other banks in Singapore offer the same conversion rates to all airline partners (with the exception of Air Asia BIG, a revenue-based budget carrier scheme), Standard Chartered will apply a different ratio depending on the program. 

This means that your 100,000 miles sign up bonus is only really 100,000 miles if you pick certain FFPs (KrisFlyer is one of them, don’t worry). Here’s the full summary of the X Card’s transfer partners, their conversion ratios, and what your equivalent MPD is should you decide to earn miles in that particular program.

Airline Programs
Loyalty Program Conversion Ratio Value of Sign up Bonus Local Earn Rate FCY Earn Rate
2.5:1 100,000 1.2 2.0
2.5:1 100,000 1.2 2.0
2.5:1 100,000 1.2 2.0
2.5:1 100,000 1.2 2.0
3:1 83,333 1.0 1.67
3:1 83,333 1.0 1.67
3:1 83,333 1.0 1.67
3.5:1 71,429 0.86 1.43
3.5:1 71,429 0.86 1.43
3.5:1 71,429 0.86 1.43
Hotel Programs
5:1 50,000 0.6 1.0 
2.5:1 100,000 1.2 2.0 

The minimum transfer block for each program is the equivalent of 1,000 points or miles. For example, if you want to get Accor points (5:1), you’d have to transfer a minimum of 5,000 360° Rewards Points. If you want to get KrisFlyer miles (2.5:1), you’d have to transfer a minimum of 2,500 360° Rewards Points.

Of the 12 loyalty programs available through the X Card, this will be the first time it’s possible to earn United MileagePlus, Lufthansa Miles & More, and Accor points in Singapore through credit cards.

Let’s take a closer look at these three programs and see if there’s value to be had by transferring 360° Rewards Points.

Lufthansa Miles & More

Basic information


Alliance Miles Validity Family Pooling? Fuel Surcharges?
Star Alliance 36 months Yes (max 2 adults, 5 children) Yes
Date Change Fee Cancellation Fee Need miles to search? Redeem For 
US$60 US$60 Yes, 7K min Anyone

Miles & More is the joint frequent flyer program of Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings, SWISS, LOT Polish Airlines, Adria Airways, Croatia Airlines, Condor, and Luxair. In addition to redeeming flights on Star Alliance carriers, you can also redeem Miles & More miles for flights on:

  • Air Astana
  • Air Dolomiti
  • Air Malta
  • Condor
  • Eurowings
  • Luxair
  • Olympic Air

Miles & More miles are valid for 36 months from the date they are earned, and can be redeemed for friends and family without restriction. Families can also create family pooling accounts with up to two adults and five children per pooled account.

Miles & More award tickets are subject to fuel surcharges, and there’s a US$60 fee to change or cancel an award ticket. Infants in arms do not require a separate award ticket- they only pay taxes, fees & fuel surcharges (unlike other carriers which charge 10% of the revenue fare).

Annoyingly, you cannot search for Miles & More award space unless you have a minimum of 7,000 miles in your account.

Sweet Spots

On first glance, the Miles & More award chart has numerous sweet spots compared to KrisFlyer.

However, we need to be careful about comparing those figures on a like-to-like basis, because X Card holders will earn Miles & More miles 30% slower than KrisFlyer miles, thanks to the conversion ratios at play.

In other words, these are the right figures to compare:

One-way Business Class KrisFlyer Miles & More (Adjusted)*
SEA to North America 95/99K 71 99.4K
SEA to Japan/S Korea 47K 35 49K
SEA to Hawaii 105.5K 56 78.4K
Australia/NZ to North America 130K 71 99.4K
North America to Europe 72K 56 78.4K
*Adjusted refers to the equivalent number of KrisFlyer miles for a particular redemption. For example, A 56K Miles & More award earned at a 0.86 mpd rate would require the same spending as a 78.4K KrisFlyer award earned at a 1.2 mpd rate ($65.3K)

Suddenly some of those savings don’t look so fantastic anymore, apart from perhaps Singapore to Hawaii and Australia to North America.

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