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Regularly checking your points balance is good miles game hygiene. Which banks make it easy to track points, and which don't?

While tracking credit card points in Singapore used to be a thankless chore, the situation has improved somewhat over the past few years. More and more banks now allow cardholders to tally their earnings right down to a transaction-level basis.

This is particularly important when you’re using a specialised spending card– how do you know a given transaction really earned the bonus points it should? Without a breakdown, you’re going to have to trust that the bank’s systems are properly capturing and crediting bonus points, or call them up and spend time manually going through transactions with the CSO.

In this post I’ll run through the six card issuers which offer rewards points breakdowns, and how to navigate their interfaces. 

🧮 Tracking Credit Card Points
Bank of China, HSBC, and Maybank only provide total points balances with no breakdown
💳 Credit Card FAQs

American Express

(1) Login to your AMEX account

(2) Select the card you wish to view in the top right hand corner

(3) Click on “Use Points”

(4) Click on “My Points”

(5) Use the drop down menu on the left to see points breakdowns for different AMEX cards. Only transactions from the past 90 days can be viewed. 


(1) Login to your Citibank account

(2) Click “Review rewards balance now”

(3) Click “Rewards Redemption” next to the card account you wish to view

(4) Hover the mouse over your name and points balance on the top right hand corner. Click on “My Points Summary”

(5)  You can view your points breakdown all the way back to the date you opened your account

💳 How are points credited?
Online transactions with Citi Rewards Visa/Mastercard: Base 1X points and bonus 9X points post together with the transaction

Even though Citibank provides a breakdown, it’s still a bit messy because transactions are batched and consolidated by day, instead of by transaction. If you use your card several times a day, it may be tricky to work out what did and did not earn a bonus.


(1) Login to your DBS account

(2) Click the Virtual Assistant icon at the bottom right hand corner

(3) Type “rewards enquiry” and click “view rewards”

(4) Click “Points By Card”

(5) Select the card you wish to view

(6) When asked “would you like to view your earned DBS points by transaction”, click “yes”

(7) You will now see the points awarded per transaction. Click on “see more” to populate additional entries

💳 How are points credited?

Online transactions with DBS WWMC: 1X base points (3X for foreign currency transactions) posts together with the transaction; 9X bonus points (7X for foreign currency transactions) posts by the end of the following calendar month. 

Online flight and hotel transactions with DBS Altitude AMEX/Visa: 3X base points (5X for foreign currency transactions) posts together with the transaction; 4.5X bonus points (2.5X for foreign currency transactions) posts by the 16th day of the next calendar month.

For bonus points, look for a consolidated entry labelled “Ecom” (e-commerce). It’s not disaggregated, however, so you’ll still have some work to do. 

For reasons unknown to me, not every DBS user will see the “Ecom” entry, even if they have eligible bonus transactions. If it’s not appearing, you’ll have to call up customer service to check your bonus points. 


(1) Login to your OCBC account

(2) Hover your mouse over “Rewards”, then click “Rewards”

(3) Click on “Transaction history”

(4) Click on the reference number of the transaction you want to investigate

(5) Scroll down and see the points awarded on this transaction

💳 How are points credited?
Eligible transactions with OCBC Titanium Rewards Card: 1X posted with the transaction, bonus 9X is posted by the end of the next calendar month.

Unfortunately, OCBC uses reference numbers rather than merchant names for tracking, so it’s far from intuitive. You’ll need to cross refer to your card statement to figure out which transaction is which. 

Standard Chartered

(1) Login to your Standard Chartered account

(2) Click on “View Points History”

(3) Rewards points can be viewed for the current month and past two months

Unfortunately, the transaction description doesn’t actually mention the merchant’s name, so you’ll have to do some cross referencing to figure out what’s what. 

💳 How are points credited?
Eligible transactions with SCB Rewards+: Base 1X points and bonus 4X points post together with transaction


(1) Login to the UOB TMRW app and tap Rewards+My Rewards UNI$

(2) You’ll see a breakdown under the UNI$ history section (tap “view all” to see more), for the past three months. 

💳 How are points credited?

Eligible transactions with UOB Pref. Plat. Visa: Base 1X points and bonus 9X points post together with transaction

Eligible transactions with UOB Lady’s Card/Lady’s Solitaire: Base 1X points posts with transaction, bonus 9X points posts by the end of the following calendar month

Eligible transactions with UOB Visa Signature: Base 1X points posts with transaction, bonus 9X points posts by the end of the following calendar month


Bank of China, HSBC and Maybank only provide consolidated points balances, so you’ll still need to call up customer service if you suspect your bonus points tally isn’t correct. 

Reasonable people will differ on how closely you should track your points. Some believe it’s enough to give it a cursory glance each month, others track it obsessively with hyper-detailed spreadsheets.

Regardless of which camp you fall into, I think we can all agree that more granular information is better than aggregated lump sums. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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I love you and your guides.

Mainly your guides


probably at least 4 banks also love you for saving them a significant number of CSO hours.. the Citi CSO I spoke to for far too long on this topic couldn’t answer my question of how to do this. Thanks Aaron.


Call UOB last mth with regards to missing points. CSO went through every single transaction with me, tally the points and true enough there was insufficient points.

SCO put up a remark for me, till date am still waiting for someone to get in touch with me.
Not sure why UOB doesn’t do what other banks did. I really pity their SCO.


ocbc premier banking leh… and very interested in WHAT DID YOU BUY @ qoo100 with amex card


Thank you for the step by step with screenshots. Amex is easy for me to see. Didn’t know DBS could see until your post.


Wow! Bless YOU!


Hmm, think I can’t check for AMEX KrisFlyer Ascend? Hope we can trust their miles award systems …


Yup, Krisflyer Ascend shows you a page saying option not available for the card.


I can’t see my WWMC 9X postings on the digitbot even though they are credited. I suspect it may be due to me getting a replacement card previously


For me that digibot 9x posting also disappeared since I got a replacement card!


krisflyer amex doesnt work this way .. think because the point to direct to the krisflyer.

OCBC titanium only manage find the 1x, not sure how to find the 9x, click thru every transaction and cant see sia


O/T – had an email from PPS club giving up to 15% bonus on bank point transfers:

Earn 12% bonus miles when you convert between 10,000 and 49,999 KrisFlyer miles in a single qualifying transaction. 


Earn 15% bonus miles when you convert 50,000 KrisFlyer miles or more in a single qualifying transaction.


For UOB Visa Signature, how do you see the bonus points? Does it appear on the app? I don’t seem to see any at all, which is strange.

Are you able to see on the online banking website, or only the app?

Thanks for your advice


Follow on question: I can’t view the bonus points on the DBS website.

I called the customer service hotline, but they are unable to confirm how many bonus point. Any way to check on whether a transaction was credited? I need to check the use of the Amaze card paired with this.

Thanks so much!



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