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Looking for Phase 2 Singapore staycation deals? Here's the options, promotions and experience you can look forward to.

Given how Singapore residents are the only guests in town, hotels will have to court the local dollar more than ever- and that means some potentially fantastic staycation deals. 

More than 200 hotels have already been approved for staycations, and in we can expect to see many more options added in due course. In this post, I’ll be compiling a list of Singapore hotels offering staycations, staycation deals, as well as the overall experience you can expect.

This post will be updated regularly, so be sure to bookmark it on your browser. For more staycation resources, refer to The Milelion’s Staycation Portal. 

Which Singapore hotels offer staycations?

Not all hotels are accepting staycation guests at the moment. Properties need to apply for STB approval before they can take staycation bookings, much less offer deals. 

The STB maintains a dedicated page for staycation-approved hotels, which can be accessed below. 

Hotels approved for staycations

Here’s a map showing the various locations of approved staycation hotels:

What Singapore staycation deals are available? 

W Sentosa staycation
W Sentosa Cove

Staycation packages tend to offer additional perks beyond regular bookings, such as free breakfast, room upgrades, early check-in/late check-out, and F&B credit.

In the table below I’ve compiled a list of staycation deals from various hotel websites. Do note that not every hotel below has been approved to take staycation guests at the moment. If you see a rate that interests you, contact the hotel. They’ll be more than pleased to let you know when they can accept your booking. 

Summary of Staycation Deals
(Last Update: 25-Oct)
πŸ”‘ UG= Room Upgrade | BF= Breakfast | ECI/LCO= Early Check-In /Late Check-Out | F&B= Food and Beverage discount/credit | PK= Free Parking | OTH= Other Perks | Hotels in green have been approved for staycations
Property Rate
Book By Stay By  UG BF ECI/
Hotel NuVe $94 31 Dec 20 31 Dec 20     βœ”      
Hotel Soloha $127 31 Dec 20 31 Dec 20            
lyf Funan $127
31 Dec 20 31 Dec 20     βœ”      
Ramada Singapore $127 30 Dec 20 30 Dec 20       $20
10% off
Hotel Mono $144 31 Dec 20 31 Dec 20            
YOTEL Orchard $165  28 Dec 20 31 Dec 20   βœ” βœ”  $20    
M Social $176  ? 30 Jun 21   βœ” βœ”      24-hour stay
Mandarin Orchard $186 29 Dec 20 29 Dec 20   βœ”        
Lloyd’s Inn $187  ? 30 Nov 20   βœ” βœ”      
Four Points
Sheraton Riverview
$188 25 Dec 20 25 Dec 20   βœ”   $88 βœ”  
Marriott Tang Plaza $198 30 Jun 21 30 Jun 21   βœ” βœ” 30% off βœ” $30 TANGS Voucher 
 Royal Plaza on Scotts $198
31 Dec 20 30 Jun 21     βœ” $50    
Orchard Rendezvous hotel $200 ? 31 Mar 21 βœ” βœ” βœ”      
Park Avenue Changi $201  30 Jan 21 28 Feb 21     βœ”      
Crowne Plaza Changi Airport $205 1 Nov 21 31 Mar 21   βœ”        
Hotel Bencoolen HK Street $205 23 Dec 20 30 Dec 20   βœ”     βœ”   
Park Avenue Rochester $211 30 Jan 21 28 Feb 21     βœ”       
 Village Hotel Sentosa $235
31 Dec 20 31 Dec 20 βœ” βœ”  βœ”  20% off βœ” Sentosa
One Farrer Hotel $250 31 Oct 20 28 Feb 21   βœ”        
 Andaz Singapore $250
30 Jun 21 30 Jun 21 βœ” βœ”         
Orchard Hotel
(use code CLUBSTAY)
$252 ? ?   βœ”   20% off    
Oakwood Premier AMTD Singapore $256 31 Dec 20 31 Dec 20   βœ” βœ” 30% off   Welcome cocktails
York Hotel $259 31 Dec 20 31 Dec 20   βœ” βœ” $50   Couple’s
PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering $263 31 Dec 20 28 Feb 21 βœ” βœ” βœ” 30% βœ” 20% off Spa
Courtyard Novena  $280
30 Dec 20 30 Dec 20   βœ”   $50   Cocktails
InterContinental Bugis $280 ? 30 Nov 20 βœ” βœ” βœ” $100   25% off F&B
Grand Hyatt
(code: STAYC)
$294 ? ? βœ” βœ”   20% off     $50 spa credit/set dinner
Shangri-La Singapore $300 ? 30 Jun 21 βœ” βœ”     βœ”  
Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa $312 ? 30 Jun 21   βœ”       Extra Bed
Pan Pacific Singapore $318
31 Dec 21 31 Dec 21
  βœ”     βœ”  
Hotel Michael /Equarius Hotel $328  31 Oct 20 31 Oct 20   βœ”   $50 βœ” $30 RWS credit
SEA Aqu. tickets
Goodwood Park
$339 22 Dec 20 22 Dec 20 βœ” βœ”       Set meal
Carlton Hotel $351 30 Dec 20 30 Dec 20   βœ” βœ”     Set meal
Mandarin Oriental $352
24 Oct 20 30 Dec 20   βœ”  βœ”  25% off     Set meal
Le Meridien Sentosa $353 30 Oct 20 30 Oct 20   βœ”     βœ”  
Fairmont Singapore $359 30 Dec 20 30 Dec 20   βœ” βœ” $100 βœ” $50 return
Fullerton Hotel $370
31 Dec 20 31 Dec 20   βœ”  βœ” $80 βœ”  
Warehouse Hotel $385 30 Dec 20 30 Dec 20   βœ” βœ” $50   Cocktails
Sofitel Singapore
31 Dec 20 31 Dec 20   βœ”     βœ” Set lunch and dinner
Sofitel City
$399 31 Dec 20 31 Dec 20   βœ” βœ”     Club room
Marina Bay Sands $399 25 Oct 20 23 Dec 20 βœ”   βœ”   βœ” $50 Sands
10-15% off spa
Capitol Kempinski $405 29 Dec 20 30 Jun 21   βœ” βœ” 20% off βœ”  
St Regis Singapore $430 29 Dec 20 29 Dec 20   βœ”     βœ”  
W Sentosa Cove $470
29 Nov 20 30 Nov 20   βœ”   $100 βœ”  
Fullerton Bay Hotel $566
30 Dec 20 30 Dec 20   βœ” βœ” $80 βœ” Tea set
20% off spa 
Ritz Carlton Millennia
(code: L9Z)
$647 19 Jun 21 21 Jun 21   βœ”       Club room 
The Barracks Hotel $720 31 Dec 20 31 Dec 20   βœ” βœ” 20% off βœ” Afternoon tea
Capella Hotel $734 17 Dec 20 17 Dec 20   βœ” βœ” $100 βœ”  

Some of these offers may only be applicable to Singapore residents, and others may not earn hotel points or elite status credit. If this is important to you, be sure to check with the hotel before booking. 

Do not assume that staycation rates are the best deals available. You’ll definitely want to compare the cost to a la carte pricing on sites like Agoda or Expedia, and work out whether the additional freebies justify the total cost. 

A given hotel may have more than one staycation deal available- I’ve listed the cheapest one I can find. Do send me any other deals you come across, and I’ll get them added here. 

You may also be wondering if it’s worth it to redeem your hotel points for staycations. The answer is generally no, but some exceptions may apply, as I lay out in this article.

Here are my picks of the deals from each price segment

What will the staycation experience be like?

Expect more contactless check-in methods to be used | Photo Credit: Swissotel The Stamford

Very different from before, that’s for sure. There’ll be a heavy emphasis on social distancing, cleaning regimes and health screenings. 

On an overall level, staycation hotels need to demonstrate their ability to meet the following:

  • Density requirements
  • Reduce face-to-face mingling among guests, employees, and between staff and guests
  • Disperse crowds and prevent bunching
  • Mandatory implementation of SafeEntry and encouraging the use of the TraceTogether app
  • Implementing rigorous cleaning and disinfecting regimes, particularly for high-touch elements

What this means, in practice, is that guests can expect:

πŸ‘‹ Arrival & check-in
  • Mandatory temperature screenings where guests with temperatures >38Β°C will be turned away
  • Staggered check-in and check-out timings
  • Greater use of mobile check-in, keyless entry and in-room check-in (for higher end properties)
  • Arrival drinks to be served in the room instead of in the lobby
  • Valet services suspended
πŸ›‹οΈ In-room
  • Maximum occupancy of five individuals per room
  • Room service and other amenities delivered via contactless or automated means
  • Mini-bar items on request only
  • Single-use toiletries and dining items
  • Housekeeping on opt-in basis
🍴 Dining
  • No self-service buffets
  • Staggered breakfast timings
  • Modified happy hour spreads in club lounges
🏊 Recreational Facilities
  • Capacity constraints on pools and gyms
  • Mandatory distancing between groups 
  • Spas to adopt single-use items
  • No F&B to be served in spas
πŸ‘¦ Kids Club
  • 25% operating capacity cap
  • Health screenings

For more information on what this might mean for your stay, be sure to check out my full article below.

Get ready for Phase 2 staycations: What to expect from Singapore hotels

I’ve already had the opportunity to review some hotels under the new Phase 2 regime. Check out these reviews below:

What credit card should I use to pay for staycations?

The best card to use for staycations depends on whether you’re paying online (prepaid booking), or at the counter.

Here’s the cards you can consider using:

  Earn Rate Payment Remarks
DBS Woman’s World Card
Apply here
4 mpd Online Cap S$2K per c. month
UOB Lady’s Card*
Apply here
4 mpd Online/
At hotel
Cap S$1K per c. month
UOB Lady’s Solitaire*
Apply here
4 mpd Online/
At hotel
Cap S$3K per c. month
DBS Altitude
Apply here
3 mpd Online Cap S$5K per c. month
UOB Pref. Plat Visa
Apply Here
4 mpd At hotel Cap S$1.1K per c. month, must use mobile payments
UOB Visa Signature
Apply Here
4 mpd At hotel Min S$1K Max $2K per s. month, must use contactless
HSBC Revolution
Apply Here
4 mpd
Online/ At hotel Max S$1K per c. month. If paid at hotel, must use contactless
*Must choose travel as quarterly bonus category
*C month= Calendar Month, S month= Statement Month


So long as the de facto travel ban on Singapore residents remains, staycations are the only escape we’re going to have. It’s not quite the same as kicking back with some Krug and an inflight movie, but let’s be thankful for small mercies. 

We’re definitely going to see additional deals as more and more hotels get approved to take staycation guests. I’ll be adding them as they come in, but feel free to flag any additional ones in the comments below. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion with the intention of helping people travel better for less and impressing chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Compare with Staycation package in HK, offers here are totally unattractive


The Regent’s offer was pretty good, more hotels need to take a leaf from their book.


Well it’s not like a choice we can have, so why not be positive and enjoy what we can.


Willing buyer, Willing Seller. If people don’t buy, the prices will drop. but all the hotels here are sold out!


Only weekend


Only weekend and all hotels


Only weekend and not all hotel


Noone ask you to buy right? If you don’t want to spend money then so be it.


Not allowed to comment here? LoL


Looks like more hotels are now approved for staycation!


Andaz offer is still not too bad

Michael neo

Discrepancy spotted. Mandarin oriental daily rate of 369++/day and 3rd night free.


Thanks mate for all your summaries. Would be great if there’s a guide on good deals for families with kids πŸ˜‰


fullerton bay and fullerton hotel (luxury of time) voucher deals extended til 31st august.


Is Capella the only Singapore hotel with access to a beach.Looking for a staycation in Mid Oct.


Rasa said they are not open for staycation at this point in time until further notice. Reserved for SHN.



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