Review: Qantas Lounge and SATS Premier T2 Lounge SIN

This should be a no brainer.

Introduction: It’s the most wonderful time of the year
A Tale of Two Lounges: SATS Premier T2 and the Qantas SIN Lounge
Malaysia Airlines B737 Business Class SIN-KUL
Malaysia Airlines Business Class Golden Lounge KUL
Malaysia Airlines A330  Business Class KUL-NRT
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The Westin LAX
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The Consolidated AA Domestic First Class Experience
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Touring Cathay Pacific’s HKG Lounges
Cathay Pacific A350 Business Class HKG-SIN

The Milelion is generally competent at what he does. But he also has brain farts and blind (+bald) spots like you can’t imagine. Case in point: my lounge experience in Singapore that kicked off my RTW trip.

I knew that MAS had recently shuttered their Golden Lounge in T2 and started using the decidedly mediocre SATS Premier lounge. So I didn’t budget much time in the Singapore airport, intending to arrive later and do a cursory review.

It totally didn’t occur to me I could cross over to T1 and try the much nicer Qantas or BA lounges. It was only after my travelling partner (the same one who proved me wrong by getting SQ to waive the last 50 miles or so she needed to qualify for KF Elite Gold. She’s learning so fast, bless her) messaged me and asked me if I was going that it struck me.

Let me back up an hour.

I arrived at T2 sometime after 5pm for a 715pm departure. The old fashioned departures board flipped and hummed with possibility.

Malaysia Airlines check in is at Pillar 2/3 of Terminal 2.

The lines were really long for MAS but they were all for economy.

Business class, on the other hand, had no queue.

The check in staff were able to check my bag through to LAX, but couldn’t issue the boarding pass for NRT-LAX on JAL. I’m assuming that’s because the counter staff in NRT need to verify my ESTA separately. But that’s fine, my main concern was not having to recheck my bag.

I was issued with both my SIN-KUL and my KUL-NRT boarding passes, along with a lounge invitation to the SATS Premier lounge, which could potentially be the only lounge worse than the Krisflyer Gold one.

After clearing immigration, I then fannied around at the UOB Exchange counter to get my Starhub HappyRoam SIM up and running. For $15, I’d get 2.4GB of data I could use in the UK, the USA, Hong Kong, Japan and several other places I’d be visiting/stopping over in. The lady worked super quickly but it still took 15 mins to get everything activated.

No loss, I told myself. I mean, the SATS Premier lounge, like all contract lounges, is kind of like the village bicycle, only cleaned less often and slightly more crowded.

So I went in. I took photos. I squinted in the harsh fluorescent light. I surveyed the F&B options.

The food options aren’t what you’d call gourmet, but it’s enough to be filling. There’s a make your own Laksa station

To a limited selection of hot food. Mostly oily rice, oily noodles, some oily curries, an oily fried fish dish, an oily roast chicken and something approximating oily vegetables.

There were cold sandwiches of an indeterminable filling.

There were cup noodles with a warning sign against stealing them.

If you fancy greens, there is a salad bar with the usual assortment of cold cuts, cheese and fruits.

So the food is nothing to write home about. And the drinks aren’t much better.

There’s a limited selection of booze

And a minifridge with some beer and juice.

And a good old fashioned soda machine.

Unsurprisingly, because this lounge is expected to service a lot of carriers, the place was packed

It’s a decent enough place to get work done, and I suppose to some people that’s a perk. There are several work cubicles lined up near the entrance, each with a Samsung Galaxy View and universal charging stations.

These cubicles feel very enclosed and private, not unlike a business class suite.

If you want to rest, there’s a quiet corner with two Osim massage chairs and a pair of tablets.

I sat down with the spoils of war in a crowded corner.

Just then my phone vibrated with a text from my colleague.

“Eh are you going Qantas lounge”

I blinked. Qantas lounge…



I threw my stuff into my bag as I cursed my tiny non-functioning Star Alliance hardwired brain. Of course I could go there! Oneworld lounge access rules stated that partner lounges could be accessed regardless of carrier so long as you were departing on an international first/business class flight that same day. What was I doing wasting my time here?

I sprinted as quickly as I could to the Skytrain to get to T1. Stupid, stupid, stupid, I thought as I ran. I could see the headlines now

“Influencer does not understand alliance lounge access rules”

Oh, they’d have a field day with this, I thought as I ran up the escalator to the Qantas lounge, reaching around 6pm, with 1h 15 mins to go to boarding.

My boarding pass was scanned and I was admitted without drama. Not that there should be, because lounge access rules are clearly stated, but sometimes airlines get finicky about this whole going to another terminal business.

The Qantas lounge was completed in 2013, but you could have told me last week and I couldn’t have told the difference.  Visually, the place is stunning.

Marble countertops, mood lighting, a full service bar, nice leather chairs, roving waiters with beer trolleys and cocktail mixers. There was ample seating, and this lounge was easily 3-4X the size of the SATS lounge. This place was so far superior to the SATS Premier lounge it wasn’t even funny.

All the finishings and fixtures were really classy, and the place exuded a feeling of elegance.

Several food stations lay scattered about the lounge.

I assembled a small plate of this and that before seating myself at one of the communal tables.

No sooner had I seated myself than a waitress materialized and enquired if I’d like to dine this evening. There was a prepared-to-order menu of chicken laksa or prawn baos.

I decided to order one of each.

One of the roving waiters then came around with the cocktail mixer cart. With impeccable politeness he asked whether I’d fancy a cocktail. They had two on offer, and I went for the Sentosa Sunset, because it sounded more girly.

It was amazing. I like my cocktails sweet, and this was indeed sweet and easy to drink. Just sitting there in the lovely ambiance with my sparkling wine and cocktail and assortment of food made me feel, well, happy.  A happiness that you didn’t really get at the SATS lounge. If airline lounges are limbo between airside and airborne, the SATS lounge more closely approximates purgatory.

To be honest, the baos were a major disappointment, but the laksa was pretty good. As I slurped the laksa I wondered whether it was indeed the same one being served in the SATS Premier lounge, just with better plating. And if that were the case, was I just being a snob for feeling that this one tasted better?

Yes, yes I was. I concluded. But it did taste better.

All too soon it was time to head back to T2. I was vaguely aware that I was departing from Gate F33, on the other side of the terminal as the Skytrain. So I left at 635pm, sprinted over to Gate F33, only to see this.

A few minutes later my phone buzzed. One of The Milelion’s readers had seen my Instagram post of the Qantas lounge and wanted to let me know he was there too.

I explained I had rushed off to T2 to catch a flight, which now appeared to be delayed.

Well that’s really too bad, he said. Because they just started serving truffle fries.

I tore my clothes and put on ashes and sackcloth, because my lounge strategy was a complete fail (just how fail will become more apparent when I review the very underwhelming Golden lounge in KL). If there’s a silver lining to this, it’s the fact that I’ll still have a spare SIN-HND leg left over when I’m done with my RTW trip, courtesy of my starting the trip from Japan. And now I know what to do.

To summarize, the Qantas lounge in T1 is incredible, and if you’re flying oneworld from any other terminal you owe it to yourself to head over and experience it. It should be mentioned that there’s also a BA lounge in T1 that I should be quite interested to explore next time round. But for now, it was time to head over to KL.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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is there any link where we can read up on these lounge rules within one world? Does it also apply for star alliance flights? How does this whole system work?

Have so far been happy with the PP lounges but after reading your post, seems like theres a lot better stuff awaiting me!


I normally get a wry smile from the lounge staff and a reminder to leave enough time to get back to T2 when I do this. The Qantas lounge is VERY good though!


Overheard…..the British Airways lounge is just next door too 😉


Having been to both, the Qantas lounge is better. The BA lounge is newer though and is very good, but I almost always go for Qantas, mainly because of the food and wine selection. However, if you have access to the coveted Concorde Room within the BA lounge, it’s a different story. When the lounge had just opened up a staff member was nice enough to let me get a peek – quite a unique room!


Hey Aaron,

Your experience here suggests that it might be good to add a section on airport lounges, especially on those in Changi. Which lounges are good, which aren’t? Which of them are part of PP? How do we access them?



Sounds great! Looking forward to it! This would really help the less savvy traveller make the most out of the best airport in the world! =D


DNATA Lounge at T1 is my fave and one of the best contract lounge i feel. Others may suggest otherwise.


Did I catch you referring to yourself as an influencer ? For that we need to see a lot more cheesy bikini pix. Besides I thought that the standard Singaporean influencer was a skinny type with long hair in an outlandish colour…


“I was issued with both my SIN-KUL and my KUL-NRT boarding passes, along with a lounge invitation to the SATS Premier lounge, which could potentially be the only lounge worse than the Krisflyer Gold one.”

That is harsh on the SATS lounge. It isn’t very good, but it is still much better than the Transit Ambassador lounge rubbish in Changi. Last time I went there was a year ago, had chicken nuggets and noticed the alcohol was not complimentary. Not again.


The Qantas lounge is currently the best oneworld lounge @ Changi – the BA lounge is pleasant but food and beverages just don’t compare. It will be interesting to see if the new Cathay lounge can trump the Qantas lounge when it opens in T4 later this year.

OT – Aaron have you eaten at or reviewed the hawker / staff canteens @ Changi? I haven’t been myself as only just found out about them but plan to on my next visit –


Glad you enjoyed Qantas lounge. I have been there countless times since it opens last year and the food inside never fails to amaze me. Easily on par with SKL lounge if you ask me and is accessible if you are on OWE/OWS. The staff in Qantas is pretty amazing as well and very hospitable, probably sofitel trained as well since it is managed by sofitel chain. Forget about the next door BA if you want to review that. Nothing worth reviewing inside if you been to Qantas lounge Fyi i have been invited to a T4 walkaround this week… Read more »


Perhaps I am an exception, I thought the new BA lounge is very much comparable to QF lounge, and for personal choice, I actually would choose BA’s over QF.

Both BA and QF lounges are of good quality in my opinion. Let’s see how CX will fare when they finally get to open their own lounge.